RAND Review: Spring 2003

RAND Review, our flagship magazine, showcases RAND research on a variety of timely and relevant issues facing the world today.

Spring 2003 — Vol. 27, No. 1


Preponderance of Evidence

Judging what to do about ephedra
By Paul G. Shekelle, Margaret Maglione, and Sally C. Morton

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On the Cover:
Wild ephedra grows in Oljeto Canyon, Utah.


Message from the Editor



For Better, Not Worse

Low-income women may no longer be
tolerating abuse

Hazardous Haste

Warning systems themselves could be dangerous

The Influence Component of Counterterrorism

A systems approach
By Paul K. Davis and Brian Michael Jenkins

Crash Courses

Hard lessons from educational interventions
By Susan J. Bodilly, Brian P. Gill, Mark Berends, Sheila Nataraj Kirby, Jacob W. Dembosky, and Jonathan P. Caulkins


Beware the weapons of mass creation
By Caroline S. Wagner