High and Dry? From the Rockies to the Sierra, Water Managers Gauge Implications of Climate Change (Spring 2014)

Raising the Bar: An Interview with California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye (Fall 2012)

Prisoner Reentry: As California Releases Prisoners, It Must Confront the Public Health Consequences (Winter 2011-2012)

A Conversation with John Deasy, the New Superintendent of LAUSD (Summer 2011)

Filtering Through the Smoke: Legalizing Marijuana Would Slash Its Price, but the Effects on Use and Revenues Are Hazy (Summer 2010)

Reducing Air Pollution Can Also Reduce Hospital Spending (Spring 2010)

California Parolees Have High Need for Health Care but Poor Access to Services (Summer 2009)

Getting Warmer: Science Closes in on an Understanding of Climate Change (Spring 2009)

Baby Steps: Comparison of Neonatal Services Points to National Health Care Lessons (Spring 2008)

Deportable Immigrants Pose No Unique Threat to Public Safety (Spring 2008)

Fount of Knowledge: How Managers of Water Can Plumb Its Deep Uncertainties (Spring 2008)

Yes, in My Backyard: Learning from Other Cities, Los Angeles Tries a New Line in Response to Homelessness (Summer 2007)

Many California Hospitals Will Not Meet Seismic Safety Deadline (Spring 2007)

Missing Link: Connection Found Between Government Health Insurance and Better Child Health (Spring 2007)

State Children's Health Insurance Program Cuts Rate of Forgone Care, Increases Quality of Life (Spring 2007)

Felons Reload While No One Is Watching, Report Finds (Fall 2006)

Public Spends Little to Provide Health Care for the Undocumented (Fall 2006)

One World, One Well: How Populations Can Grow on a Finite Water Supply (Spring 2006)

Think Locally, Act Nationally: Police Efforts in Fighting Terrorism Need Greater Federal Leadership (Spring 2006)

Many Happy Returns: Early Childhood Programs Entail Costs, but the Paybacks Could Be Substantial (Fall 2005)

Three Decades of Financial Earthquakes Rattle California Education (Spring 2005)

Ultimate Test: Who Is Accountable for Education If Everybody Fails? (Spring 2005)

A Matter of Class: Educational Achievement Reflects Family Background More Than Ethnicity or Immigration (Fall 2004)

Faster Passenger Check-In Can Make Airport Less Vulnerable (Fall 2004)

California Medical Malpractice Law Alters Jury Awards in Uneven Ways (Summer 2004)

Unruly Turf: The Role of Interagency Collaborations in Reducing Gun Violence (Fall 2003)

Disparity Found Among California Charter Schools (Summer 2003)

Injured on the Job: California Seeks to Rehabilitate a Social Contract (Summer 2003)

Driven into a Corner: To Clean the Air, California Can Steer Old Cars and New Cars in Better Directions (Fall 2002)

California: A Proving Ground for U.S. Policies? (Summer 2002)

Power to the Cities: A Homegrown Way to Recharge California (Summer 2001)

State Energy Crisis Spurs Quest for National Strategy (Spring 2001)

Competitive Jolt: For Electricity Deregulation to Work, Surge Capacity Is Just the Beginning (Fall 2000)

Crowding Out: Small Classes Teach a Lesson in Unintended Consequences (Fall 1999)

The Effect of L.A. Homes, Neighborhoods on Children (Spring 1999)

New Effort Will Evaluate California Welfare Reform (Winter 1998-99)

California Water, 1960-Present (Fall 1998)

Immigration and a Changing California Economy (Winter 1997-98)

California Higher Education at the Brink (Winter 1997-98)

Reinventing Local Government: How Can Research Help? (Winter 1997-98)

Research News (Winter 1997-98)

Fiscal Federalism: The View from California (Summer 1996)

California and the Block-Grant Hammer (Summer 1996)

"Three Strikes": Serious Flaws and a Big Price Tag (Fall 1994)

Rx for Urban Smog: Find and Fix Those "Clunker" Cars (Fall 1994)

Immigration: Problem to Solve or Issue to Manage? (Fall 1994)

Everyone Is Fighting for a Piece of the Dream, but Who's Looking Out for California? (Fall 1994)

Research News Briefs (Fall 1994)

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