Wild Wild Web: For Now, Cybercrime Has the Upper Hand in Its Duel with the Law (Summer 2014)

Innovative Devices, Same Old Vices (Summer 2014)

Serving Time or Wasting Time? Correctional Education Programs Improve Job Prospects, Reduce Recidivism, and Save Taxpayer Dollars (Fall 2013)

Enemy Within: Military Sexual Assault Inflicts Physical, Psychological, Financial Pain (Summer 2013)

Commercial Pot Industry (Summer 2013)

Gun Risks Outweigh Benefits (Summer 2013)

Message from the Editor (Summer 2013)

Megatrends, Uranium, and Community (Winter 2012-2013)

Sober South Dakota (Winter 2012-2013)

Dropping out, Opting in (Fall 2012)

In Broad Daylight: New Calculator Brings Crime Costs — and the Value of Police — Out of the Shadows (Spring 2012)

Regulatory Regime Key in Shaping Impact of Marijuana Legalization (Spring 2012)

Prisoner Reentry: As California Releases Prisoners, It Must Confront the Public Health Consequences (Winter 2011-2012)

Most Wanted: Law Enforcement Agencies Pursue Elusive, Qualified Recruits (Spring 2011)

RAND Europe Helps U.K. Set Price for Alcoholic Beverages (Spring 2011)

Still Shaky: A Year After the Earthquake in Haiti, the Key to Stability Is to Build the State (Winter 2010-2011)

Do Drug Arrests Work? The Effectiveness of Drug Enforcement in Europe (Summer 2010)

Filtering Through the Smoke: Legalizing Marijuana Would Slash Its Price, but the Effects on Use and Revenues Are Hazy (Summer 2010)

Investing in Police Yields Quantifiable Benefits in Preventing Crime (Summer 2010)

California Parolees Have High Need for Health Care but Poor Access to Services (Summer 2009)

Illicit Drugs Are As Much a Problem Globally in 2007 As They Were in 1998 (Summer 2009)

Methamphetamine Use Estimated to Cost Nation $23 Billion in 2005 (Spring 2009)

Relaxing Postal Service's Mailbox Monopoly Could Reduce Safety (Fall 2008)

Issues over the Horizon: Corporate America's Next Big Scandal (Summer 2008)

Out of the Ashes: The Rise of the Bard Prison Initiative (Summer 2008)

Deportable Immigrants Pose No Unique Threat to Public Safety (Spring 2008)

Alcohol Advertising and Marketing Appear to Influence Early Adolescent Drinking (Summer 2007)

How the New Orleans Police Department Can Get Back on Its Feet (Spring 2007)

Is There Racial Bias in the Cincinnati Police Department? (Spring 2007)

Wouldn't It Be Lovely? British Policy on Antisocial Behavior Can Take Cues from Studies Near and Far (Spring 2007)

Felons Reload While No One Is Watching, Report Finds (Fall 2006)

Grassroots Defenses: Community Leaders, Businesses, and Citizens Can Help Prevent Suicide Attacks (Summer 2006)

Think Locally, Act Nationally: Police Efforts in Fighting Terrorism Need Greater Federal Leadership (Spring 2006)

RAND Sees Mixed Results, Urges Flexibility in “War on Drugs” (Spring 2005)

No Base Is an Island: Why the Military Needs Formal Agreements with Civilian Authorities on Domestic Violence Cases (Fall 2003)

Project ALERT Helps Even High-Risk Teens (Fall 2003)

Unruly Turf: The Role of Interagency Collaborations in Reducing Gun Violence (Fall 2003)

Another Kind of Safety Threat: The Health-Related Consequences of Releasing Prisoners (Summer 2003)

School Drug Programs Benefit Society in Unexpected Ways (Spring 2003)

Battle Wombs: Why Some Drug Babies Are More Equal Than Others (Fall 2002)

Study Casts Doubt on Theory of Marijuana as “Gateway” Drug (Fall 2002)

Profits and Prejudice: Why We Regulate Some Drugs but Not Others (Summer 2002)

Tranquilizing Effect: To Prevent Youth Violence, Try a Dose of Stability, a Shot of Self-Esteem, or Some Good Pediatric Advice (Fall 2000)

This Really Is Your Brain on Drugs, Scientist Explains (Fall 2000)

Domestic Policy for a More Perfect Union (Summer 2000)

Math over Myth: Is Drug Prevention Worth the Price? (Fall 1999)

Crime and Punishment, 1977-Present (Fall 1998)

Drug Prevention and Treatment, 1983-Present (Fall 1998)

"Three Strikes": Serious Flaws and a Huge Price Tag (Spring 1995)

Treatment: Effective (But Unpopular) Weapon Against Drugs (Spring 1995)

Mythical City — Stage for Innovative Attack on Drugs and Crime (Spring 1995)

The Military Lends a Hand to Prevent Adolescent Drug Use (Spring 1995)

Some Plain Truths About Curbing Crime (Spring 1995)

Research News Briefs (Spring 1995)

Crime and Drug Policy: New Projects (Spring 1995)

"Three Strikes": Serious Flaws and a Big Price Tag (Fall 1994)

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