High and Dry? From the Rockies to the Sierra, Water Managers Gauge Implications of Climate Change (Spring 2014)

Ramifications of Health Reform: Seven Areas Where the Affordable Care Act Will Alter the Health Insurance Landscape (Fall 2013)

Eliminating Individual Mandate Would Decrease Coverage, Increase Spending (Spring 2012)

U.S. Should Drive Highway Funding Toward Projects — and Benefits — of "National Significance," Says Study (Winter 2011-2012)

Higher Coverage Rates, State Costs Seen Under U.S. Health Reform (Summer 2011)

Interactive Graphic: Higher Coverage Rates, State Costs Seen Under U.S. Health Reform (Summer 2011)

Insurance Exchanges: Booster Shots to Employee Health Coverage (Spring 2011)

Likely Effects of the New U.S. Health Care Reform Law (Spring 2011)

Tax on Crude Oil Deemed Viable Alternative to Federal Gasoline Tax (Spring 2011)

Higher Gear: To Fund Transportation, Congress Should Tax Travel, Not Fuel (Winter 2010-2011)

Spillover Effect: For the Gulf Coast, Can We Make the Smart, Long-Term Choices? (Summer 2010)

Lessons Learned: Education Priorities for the Obama Administration (Summer 2009)

Out of the Ashes: The Rise of the Bard Prison Initiative (Summer 2008)

Baby Steps: Comparison of Neonatal Services Points to National Health Care Lessons (Spring 2008)

Force of First Resort: Katrina Offers Lessons for Improving the National Guard Response to Catastrophic Domestic Emergencies (Summer 2007)

Missing Link: Connection Found Between Government Health Insurance and Better Child Health (Spring 2007)

State Children's Health Insurance Program Cuts Rate of Forgone Care, Increases Quality of Life (Spring 2007)

Think Locally, Act Nationally: Police Efforts in Fighting Terrorism Need Greater Federal Leadership (Spring 2006)

Laboratories of Reform: State Health Insurance Experiments Yield Lessons for the Nation (Fall 2003)

Federalism, Block Grants and the Safety Net (Summer 1996)

Fiscal Federalism: The View from California (Summer 1996)

California and the Block-Grant Hammer (Summer 1996)

Fiscal Federalism Conference: Other Voices, Other Views (Summer 1996)

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