TRIA Tipping Point: If the U.S. Congress Allows the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act to Expire, Federal Spending Would Grow for Terrorism Losses Below $50 Billion (Summer 2014)

On Homeland Security (Summer 2014)

A History of Prisoner Exchanges (Summer 2014)

On Leadership Against Salafi-Jihadism (Spring 2014)

Alternatives to Drones (Fall 2013)

Syria: The Spillover (Fall 2013)

Embassies Need Not Be Caught Off Guard (Winter 2012-2013)

In Wake of Presidential Election, Some Set Politics Aside (Winter 2012-2013)

Resurgence of al Qaeda (Fall 2012)

U.S. Military Has Struggled to Retain Afghan Popular Support Since 2006 (Spring 2012)

Three Pots of Tea: Peace in Afghanistan Depends on Its Leaders, Neighbors, and Security Forces (Winter 2011-2012)

Beyond the Shadow of 9/11: Air Passenger Security at a Reasonable Cost (Summer 2011)

Beyond the Shadow of 9/11: Compensation Policies for Social Resilience (Summer 2011)

Beyond the Shadow of 9/11: A Diplomatic Strategy to Counter al Qaeda's Narrative (Summer 2011)

Beyond the Shadow of 9/11: Respectful Assistance to Afghan Solutions (Summer 2011)

Beyond the Shadow of 9/11: Ten Years Later, a Moment for Reflection (Summer 2011)

The Long Shadow of 9/11: Author Interviews (Summer 2011)

Failure to Halt Pakistan-Based Militants Is Linked to U.S. Terror Plots (Summer 2010)

Shifting Terrain: Stabilization Operations Require a Better Balance Between Civilian and Military Efforts (Winter 2009-2010)

Economic Costs of Major Oil Supply Disruptions Pose Key Security Risks (Summer 2009)

Sunken Treasures: The Economic Impetus Behind Modern Piracy (Summer 2009)

United States Should Build Strategic Partnership with Mexico to Improve Its Security (Summer 2009)

Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Show Rise of Strategic Terrorist Culture (Spring 2009)

A Better Deal: Afghanistan: Finish the Job (Fall 2008)

A Better Deal: Counterterrorism: Wage a Sustainable Campaign (Fall 2008)

A Better Deal: Pakistan: Put Institutions First (Fall 2008)

A Better Deal: Proliferation: Prevent Nuclear Use, Deter Terrorist Acquisition (Fall 2008)

Does Political Reform in Arab World Help to Counter Terrorism? (Fall 2008)

Still on Track After All These Years: Long-Standing Database Helps in Securing America's Railroads (Spring 2008)

Beating the Odds: In the War on Terrorism, It Takes Both Skill and Chance (Fall 2007)

New World Disorder: Different Types of Ungoverned Territories Warrant Different Responses (Fall 2007)

Afghanistan on the Edge: A World at Risk of Winning the Urban Battle, Losing the Rural War, Abandoning the Regional Solution (Summer 2007)

Force of First Resort: Katrina Offers Lessons for Improving the National Guard Response to Catastrophic Domestic Emergencies (Summer 2007)

RAND Study Informs U.S. Debate over Terrorism Risk Insurance (Summer 2007)

DHS AWOL? Tough Questions About Homeland Security Have Gone Missing (Spring 2007)

Terrorism Risk in Shopping Malls Can Be Reduced by Ranking Security Options (Spring 2007)

Counterinsurgency Lessons Can Inform Global War on Terror (Fall 2006)

Maritime Terrorism Risk Involves More Than Just Container Shipping (Fall 2006)

Old Lessons, New Doctrine: Classic Insights into Counterinsurgency Are Especially Trenchant Today (Fall 2006)

From Algeria to Iraq: All But Forgotten Lessons from Nearly 50 Years Ago (Summer 2006)

Grassroots Defenses: Community Leaders, Businesses, and Citizens Can Help Prevent Suicide Attacks (Summer 2006)

Protecting Emergency Responders at Sites of Collapsed Buildings (Summer 2006)

Public Health Preparedness: An Opportunity and a Challenge (Summer 2006)

True Grit: To Counter Terror, We Must Conquer Our Own Fear (Summer 2006)

Think Locally, Act Nationally: Police Efforts in Fighting Terrorism Need Greater Federal Leadership (Spring 2006)

China Should Go Further in Controlling WMD Exports, Report Argues (Fall 2005)

Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Can Distribute Financial Losses Effectively (Fall 2005)

Terrorism Insurance Failing to Cover Growing Threats to Private Sector (Summer 2005)

After 9/11: How Should the United States Deal with the Muslim World? (Spring 2005)

Countermeasures Not Ready to Protect Commercial Planes from Missile Attacks (Spring 2005)

Compensation Against Terrorist Attacks: National Security Adds a New Policy Dimension (Fall 2004)

Compensation for 9/11 Terror Attacks Tops $38 Billion (Fall 2004)

Law Enforcement Agencies Expecting Terrorist Attacks Are Generally Better Prepared (Fall 2004)

British Businesses Increasingly Concerned About Terrorist Attacks (Summer 2004)

Counterinsurgency in Iraq: Lessons Old and New (Summer 2004)

U.S. Coast Guard Needs to Accelerate, Expand Modernization Plan, Study Finds (Summer 2004)

What Have We Learned About Compensating Victims of Terrorism? (Summer 2004)

“Frontline” Responders Vary in Preparedness for Terrorist Attacks (Spring 2004)

Redefining Counterterrorism: The Terrorist Leader as CEO (Spring 2004)

Redefining the Enemy: The World Has Changed, But Our Mindset Has Not (Spring 2004)

Emergency Responders Believe They Have Inadequate Protection (Fall 2003)

How Can Individuals Protect Themselves in a Terrorist Attack? (Fall 2003)

Shipping Containers Seen as Global Terrorist Targets (Fall 2003)

The Influence Component of Counterterrorism: A Systems Approach (Spring 2003)

A “Prudent” Approach to Smallpox Vaccinations (Spring 2003)

Air Wars: The Battle for Arabic Television and Radio Audiences (Fall 2002)


Fallout of Terrorism: Closer U.S. Ties to Pakistan, India, and China? (Spring 2002)

Secure the Vote: Now We Must Literally Protect Democracy (Spring 2002)

Urgent Relief for Emergency Workers (Spring 2002)

Full Alert: An Arsenal of Ideas for the War Against Terrorism (Fall 2001)

Suddenl, a New NATO Agenda (Fall 2001)

Strike at the Roots of Terrorism (Fall 2001)

Promote Democracy and Legitimate Governments (Fall 2001)

Give Selected Insurgents Selected Kinds of Support (Fall 2001)

Fight Networks with Networks (Fall 2001)

Reorganize to Meet Today's Threats (Fall 2001)

Stop Selling Out Aviation Security (Fall 2001)

Use Biometrics to Protect America (Fall 2001)

How Terrorism and Popular Culture Feed One Another (Fall 2000)

Old Madness, New Methods: Revival of Religious Terrorism Begs for Broader U.S. Policy (Winter 1998-99)

Old Madness, New Methods: Terrorism Evolves Toward "Netwar" (Winter 1998-99)

Terrorism, 1972-Present (Fall 1998)

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