On Distributed Communications Series

I. Introduction to Distributed Communications Networks


In developing this work, I received a large number of excellent ideas and suggestions--so many, in fact, that it has become impossible to fully acknowledge each person who has contributed in some way without unduly lengthening these manuscripts.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the following contributors, each of whom reviewed one or more of the Memoranda in the series and who offered highly appreciated and accepted suggestions. The process of review of a manuscript does not necessarily imply full agreement with all that is said, so I alone must accept responsibility for any mistakes in the work.

Reviewers included:[1] Marvin Adelson (National Academy of Sciences), C. L. Baker, Edward Bedrosian, Sharla Boehm, J. L. Bower, J. B. Carne, L. J. Craig, J. I. Derr, F. E. Eldridge (Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Comptroller), T. 0. Ellis, James Farmer, N. E. Feldman, H. Hambrock (North Electric Company), W. B. Holland, J. L. Hult, C. B. Laning (System Development Corporation), C. R. Lindholm, I. S. Reed, E. E. Reinhart, R. H. Scherer (Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering), J. W. Smith, Harold Steingold, C. G. Svala (North Electric Company), Rein Turn, K. W. Uncapher, T. G. Williams (Philco Corporation).

[1] Unless otherwise noted, those listed are with The RAND Corporation.