On Distributed Communications Series

VI. Mini-Cost Microwave


I would like to thank and acknowledge the aid of many of my colleagues at RAND who contributed to the development of some of the notions contained in this Memorandum. These include Ned Feldman, Carroll Lindholm, Jack Craig, Richard Mockbee, Jack Carne, and Ed Reinhart.

I am indebted to Ned Feldman, Carroll Lindholm, Ed Reirihart, and Ed Bedrosian for reviewing this manuscript and for several resulting useful suggestions.

Dick Mockbee, an amateur radio enthusiast, prepared an estimate of the cost to build a single first-cut version of the klystron transceiver described in Sec. VI, as a check to see if our cost estimate was in the right ballpark.

Brent Bradley and Jack Chester also compiled some cost data on construction of various alternative communications links.

I am particularly indebted to Ned Feldman whose excellent knowledge of the state-of-the-art of modern microwave techniques proved invaluable. Ned was extremely generous of his time in explaining ideas which were unfamiliar to me. His continual help, encouragement, and a large number of good ideas are most gratefully acknowledged.