On Distributed Communications Series

XI. Summary Overview

IV. Suggested Development

To this point we have spoken primarily of a system concept. In order to evolve a hardware system, more study and prototype development is indicated. Only after this series has been carefully scrutinized and only after we have ironed out possible flaws in the concept, should such further development be considered.

Such a development program might include the following items. These items are merely "guesstimates" based on the writer's judgment of what work must be done.

The expenditure milestone points that can be ear-marked for system evaluation would occur at about the $1.25-million level (during the Study and Research Phase), after the $5-million point (at the conclusion of the entire Study and Research Phase), at the $11.6-million level (at the end of the Design Phase), at the $15.7-million mark (at the end of the Test Phase), at the $21.7-million level (at the end of the Development Phase), and at the $23.7-million point (at the end of the Final Test Phase). Thus, there are many early opportunities to reevaluate and redirect this program upon discovery of unforeseen difficulties or better alternative approaches.

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