Permanent Supportive Housing in Los Angeles County

Despite the rising supply of permanent supportive housing (PSH) in Los Angeles and the growing focus on policies and reforms aimed at increasing this housing stock, there is a notable lack of accurate information about existing and planned projects.

This Tool is a database that aggregates administrative data from city, county, and state agencies; real estate databases; media reports; and other sources. It combines financing, land use and service operation records for PSH projects across all of Los Angeles County into a publicly available map-based Tool that allows the data to be sorted, filtered, or downloaded. The database was created by merging administrative data from multiple sources by project address. The data were then validated to correct inaccuracies or out-of-date information across identified projects.

The purpose of this Tool is to provide a comprehensive set of information to facilitate planning, policymaking, and research related to the supply of PSH aimed at addressing chronic homelessness in the Los Angeles region. The database will be maintained and updated over time, and contributions and corrections from users, who might have more accurate knowledge of project specifics, are welcome.

For more information, please see the technical appendix. We encourage users of the database to contact the authors with potential corrections.