Future Funding of NHS and Social Care in UK

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22 July 2017

How to fund the NHS and social care in the UK has long been a subject of discussion and is now centre stage. But the debate has often taken place without much consideration of the details of international experience in the area — of which there is plenty.

As the demand for care rises inexorably, what are the key drivers and trends in arrangements for funding health and social care internationally? Allowing for differences in national contexts, what can UK learn from other countries to help decide how best to finance health and social care in future?

Hosted by the Health Foundation, a public seminar on 20 July 2017 presented and discussed findings from a review of current thinking internationally, which has formed the first stage of a two-year research study on options for funding NHS and social care in the UK and their public acceptability. Researchers from RAND Europe and the Personal Social Services Research Unit presented their findings. The event provided useful insights for those working directly or indirectly on issues related to health and social care funding in the UK, as well as for those with an interest in learning more.