New Website Launched Monitoring Open Science Worldwide

Screenshot of the Open Science Monitor

20 March 2017

A new website for monitoring open science worldwide has been launched as part of ongoing work for the European Commission.

The new website hosts a monitor developed by RAND Europe, Deloitte, Digital Science, Altmetric and figshare, which provides stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, funders, libraries and publishers with access to data and trends on open science.

Open science refers to ongoing changes in the way research is conducted. The overarching aim is to increase transparency, collaboration, communication and participation on research projects to improve their scientific outcomes. Open science is one of three priority areas for European research, science and innovation policy.

The characteristics of open science that are monitored on the website are: open access to research publications, open research data, open scholarly communication and citizen science.

These characteristics and associated indicators have been validated by policymakers, researchers, funders and others involved in open science activities through focus group consultations organised through a RAND Europe study. The majority of the group representing policymakers, funders and libraries (27 participants) strongly agreed (82 per cent) that an open science monitor would be useful to them, while 71 per cent of researchers (32 participants) also strongly agreed.

In the study, respondents cited the ability to keep up-to-date with progress in open science as the biggest benefit. Respondents also hoped the monitor would allow them to demonstrate that open science practices are increasing, with this potentially helping to encourage others to get involved in the process.

Note: In June 2018, an updated version of Open Science Monitor was released, but it was not produced by RAND Europe.

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