Organisations Invited to Submit Health and Wellbeing Practices

A new project launched by Public Health England is inviting workplace wellbeing providers and also employer organisations to submit their workplace health and wellbeing practices. The project, being run by RAND Europe, will review and assess the landscape of health and wellbeing practices currently available to workplaces in England.

The final report will be used by employers as a guide to identify the best workplace health and wellbeing practices. The aim is to help employers improve the health and wellbeing of staff, with poor health and wellbeing estimated to cost the UK economy around £58 billion each year through productivity losses in the workplace.

The most promising and innovative practices will be featured as case studies and infographics in the final report, with these being available to organisations for wider promotional activities. All submitted practices will be listed in the final report, with each one receiving specific feedback from the research team.

Organisations can take part in this market leading study through answering a set of questions in the link below. The survey should only take several minutes to complete.

Take the Survey

Any questions about participating in the study, submitting a practice, or the wider research project, can be sent to the research team at