European flag with Truth Decay

For the 10-year anniversary of RAND Europe’s Brussels office, join us for a panel discussion on

Confronting Truth Decay


22 May, 2018


5.00 pm Panel discussion with Q&A


International Press Centre
Résidence Palace
Rue de la Loi 155
1040 Brussels

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Selected comments from our panellists


Constantijn van Oranje
Special Envoy of StartupDelta
Former head of RAND Europe's Brussels office


Michael D. Rich
President and CEO of the RAND Corporation
Co-author of Truth Decay

Ann Mettler
Head of the European Political Strategy Centre

Madeleine de Cock Buning
Chair of the European Commission's High-Level Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation

Florian Freiherr von Heintze
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BILD

Panel Discussion

Disinformation and fake news existed long before Google, Facebook, and Twitter. But such online platforms have changed the information space, allowing for information to be spread instantaneously. What’s more, fake news is a small part of a much wider problem: Truth Decay. Truth Decay encompasses the erosion of respect for facts and evidence in political life and discourse and the blurring of the line between opinion and fact. We see this in public discourse, in our news and in the emerging imbalance in opinion relative to fact. At this pivotal time in history, we need to confront Truth Decay. RAND Europe's panel discussion brings together representatives from media, politics and research to consider the drivers and consequences of Truth Decay. Truth Decay is a threat to our society, but by understanding and analysing it we can find a way out and a way forward.