RAND Europe co-hosting workplace health seminars with C3 Collaborating for Health

Work-life balance word cloud on napkin

RAND Europe is working with C3 Collaborating for Health, a charity that aims to promote healthy living and disease prevention, on a series of breakfast seminars on workplace health that will take place throughout 2018 in London, UK.

The first event, in March 2018, discussed the importance of sleep to workplace health and productivity. The seminar was presented by Marco Hafner, senior economist at RAND Europe, who led research on the economic costs of insufficient sleep worldwide. Hafner's work has been referenced prolifically worldwide, with his most recent article, which explains why the UK's productivity problems begin in the bedroom, being featured in the Financial Times in February 2018.

In September 2018, Michael Whitmore, senior research leader at RAND Europe, will discuss issues in 'Evidencing Workplace Wellbeing'. He will present findings from Britain's Healthiest Workplace, an annual survey for UK companies which was established in 2013 by VitalityHealth, and also from their research on promising practices for health and wellbeing at work for Public Health England.

All the seminar events are listed below; links will be added as the event details are finalised.

For more information about the seminars contact Michael Whitmore on mwhitmore@rand.org.