RAND Europe co-hosts workplace health seminars with C3 Collaborating for Health

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13 November 2019

Since 2018, RAND Europe has curated a series of breakfast seminars on workplace health with C3 Collaborating for Health, a charity that aims to promote healthy living and disease prevention.

Ian Edwards, Programme Director at Nomura Health and Fitness spoke at the most recent seminar, in November 2019. Edwards discussed the use of health data to establish top health risks, proactive and reactive health spend, and measured health innovations and pathways.

Previous events included discussions led by senior RAND Europe researchers Marco Hafner and Michael Whitmore, on ‘The Importance of Sleep for Workplace Health and Productivity’, and ‘Evidencing Workplace Wellbeing’ respectively.

Find more information on each of the events below:

2019 events

2018 events

For more information about the seminars contact Michael Whitmore on mwhitmore@rand.org.