RAND Europe ‘Shines a light on the dark web’ at Cambridge Festival of Ideas

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15 October, 2018


6.00 pm Panel discussion with Q&A


St John's College, Old Divinity School
All Saints Passage

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The challenges of the dark web will be explored in a discussion hosted by RAND Europe at Cambridge University’s Festival of Ideas on Monday, October 15.

The dark web is a hidden part of the internet that allows anonymous users to pursue illegal activities, such as the purchase of drugs and weapons. Our panel of experts will be looking at the size and scope of the issue and what could be done to manage its potential dangers.

Panel members include experts from academia and law enforcement.


Steve Welsh is a Senior Manager at the National Crime Agency in the UK and heads up the Dark Web Intelligence Collection and Exploitation department. Steve’s work includes exploring how psychology and social science may be used in innovative evidenced-based interventions to disrupt and fragment organised crime networks.

Judith Aldridge is Professor of Criminology in the School of Law at the University of Manchester in the UK. Her recent research has focussed on how drug markets have been facilitated by technological developments supporting anonymous internet activities on the dark web.

Giacomo Persi Paoli is a Research Leader at RAND Europe in the Defence, Security and Infrastructure Group. Giacomo led the RAND Europe research on ‘Behind the curtain: the illicit trade of firearms, explosives and ammunition on the dark web’.

Stijn Hoorens is the Head of RAND Europe's Brussels Office and an Associate Director of RAND Europe. His research interests are broad, but most of his work has revolved around issues related to illicit markets, security, demographic issues, employment, and skills. Recent work has examined the role of the dark web in the trade of illicit drugs.