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26 March 2012 — This week marks the 20th anniversary of RAND's official presence in Europe. On 26 March 1992, RAND established an office in Europe with the opening of the European-American Center for Policy Analysis (EAC) in Delft, the Netherlands.

The EAC was dedicated to "research and education on important policy issues facing Europe and North America in the post-cold War era and to foster cooperation between European and American scholars and policy analysts." The Ford Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the State of the Netherlands and RAND provided initial funding. The Delft University of Technology provided office space.

RAND's U.S.-based staff had conducted research on and for Europe since the 1970s. Managing flood defences along Holland's southern coast (POLANO) was a landmark study for RAND in Europe, published 15 years before the EAC was established.

RAND Europe branding, 1992-2012

RAND Europe branding, 1992-2012

With the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and Soviet Union in the late 1980s and early 1990s, however, policymakers faced a new set of challenges and possible futures. RAND had been assessing European-American relations in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and this prompted the decision to create a permanent presence in Europe.

The EAC's earliest research focused on transportation in the Netherlands: growth and safety and Amsterdam's Schipol Airport, an evaluation of the Dutch Transport Plan, and "FORWARD" — Freight Options for Road, Water and Rail for the Dutch government. Within a few years, EAC research branched out to include southern European employment and economic development, Portuguese regional governance, and and UK military procurement, to name a few topics.

In 1997 the EAC changed its name to RAND Europe, and growth continued through strategic acquisitions. RAND Europe opened an office in Cambridge UK in 2001, in addition to its offices located by that time in Leiden and Berlin. Change continued with office consolidation to Cambridge in November 2006 and then expansion with a new Brussels location in early 2008.

RAND Europe today has over 60 researchers who build on the knowledge and expertise RAND started 20 years ago in Europe, and in many of the same research areas — including healthcare, choice modelling, innovation and information technology, migration and drug policy. And we have broadened our research to other relevant policy disciplines.

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