Workshop Contributes to Stabilisation in Ethiopia


8 August 2011 — As part of RAND Europe's contribution to the UK government’s Peace and Development Programme in Ethiopia and the wider Horn of Africa, Research Leader Matt Bassford facilitated a workshop in Addis Ababa which aimed to develop a Theory of Change for the programme.

The two-day workshop in mid-June was designed for the UK Department for International Development and also involved the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Ministry of Defence and regional experts on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

The UK government is committed to supporting the Ethiopian government in its efforts to reduce violence in the country and in creating an environment that is conducive to development, good governance and the alleviation of poverty.

Bassford and the RAND Europe team drew on prior experience of working with the UK Stabilisation Unit. They developed the workshop as part of a plan to integrate monitoring and evaluation indicators, helping the officials to better understand the processes and principles underpinning the programme of changes.