Four qualities of RAND Europe

Four qualities sum up RAND Europe in terms of our research and as an organisation: Integrity, Impact, Integration and Innovation.


  • RAND Europe is not-for-profit. Our research is empirical, objective and nonaligned to political or special interests.
  • All of our work is quality assured and peer reviewed, reaching a standard others seek to emulate.
  • RAND Europe’s Council of Advisors represents a body of distinguished experts in their fields.


  • RAND Europe combines intellectual rigour with practical actionable solutions.
  • Our research contributes to tangible changes in policy, processes and methods. It shapes policy agendas and informs debates.
  • Our clients trust us to be a source of quality, objective policy research in Europe.


  • Our staff represents 22 nationalities, speaks 20 languages and covers 31 academic disciplines. Our multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to research generate unique perspectives and insights.
  • Current areas of research expertise include health, transport, criminal justice systems, defence and security, science and innovation, employment and social policy, education, transport and technology policy.
  • We draw on the expertise of collaborators. For example, RAND Europe and the University of Cambridge are partners of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research.


  • RAND Europe brings fresh approaches to tackle complex questions by establishing new angles of enquiry and new methodologies for research.
  • We self-fund research to explore ‘horizon’ issues requiring exploration but lacking contract funding.
  • As part of RAND, we build on critical thinking and innovative methods that have evolved over the past 65 years.
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