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Social value at work

We deliver on our social value responsibilities in the communities in which we are based. With over 100 staff based at our office in Cambridge, UK, RAND Europe plays an important role in the local economic ecosystem. Similarly, our Brussels office provides a local base for working with, and building connections across, the EU policymaking community.

The nature of our research portfolio means that we engage with a range of partners – from local and national governments, small to medium-sized enterprises, and civil society organisations, to corporate entities and subject-matter experts. Through these interactions, we help build new networks and drive economic and social benefits.

  • We support the UK’s apprentice schemes, offer paid internships and run an active EU trainee programme to support the next generation of policy researchers.
  • Through our membership of Cambridge Ahead, an organisation dedicated to equitable growth in the greater Cambridge area, we provide research to help improve quality of life, particularly in the provision of education, housing and transportation.
  • As part of the Cambridge community, we co-sponsor the University’s public-engagement festival, participate in local charity events, and raise money for local charities through staff initiatives.
  • We support programmes that are designed to promote best practice in policy and decision making, such as the University of Cambridge’s MPhil in Public Policy, the Centre for Science and Policy and a range of Third Sector professional bodies.
  • We are a Living Wage Employer and ensure employed staff and all contractors receive at least the Living Wage. In each of our office locations, we seek to source our office support services from locally based companies.

Social value in action

Stimulating local economic growth

Measures of Quality of Life (QOL) have become a vital tool to help improve policy which impacts the people who live and work in a local area, and which aims to stimulate economic growth and prosperity. RAND Europe conducted a programme of work for Cambridge Ahead, a network of large employers across business and academia, to better understand QOL issues in the UK’s Greater Cambridge region and to find ways to improve the integration of QOL in local decision making. Among the outcomes are new frameworks for – and an improved understanding of the complexity of – measuring QOLs, and confirmation of the value of using QOLs in local decision making to improve people’s lives.

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