RAND Europe Capabilities & Research Methods

RAND Europe holds a reputation for finding tailored approaches to solve complex problems. By establishing new angles of enquiry, applying existing capabilities or developing new methodologies, we continually expand the scope and effectiveness of our work. We believe that our methodological approach to problem solving contributes to the high quality of our findings. How we tackle our research and analysis is as important as the outcomes we achieve.

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    Choice Modelling and Behavioural Research Capabilities at RAND Europe

    RAND Europe experts develop and use discrete choice models and conduct consumer behaviour research using revealed preference and stated preference data, depending on the policy question.

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    Economics and Econometrics Capabilities at RAND Europe

    RAND Europe employs more than a dozen distinguished economists who support research projects across all sectors and topic areas, using a range of economic and econometric methods.

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    Evaluations of Programmes, Processes, and Impact Aim for Better Performance

    RAND Europe's expert capabilities include conducting evaluation for better performance, to help decision- and policymakers improve the analysis underlying their choices.

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    Centre Conducts Futures and Foresight Studies

    Through the Centre for Futures and Foresight Studies (CFFS), RAND Europe uses futures techniques from scenario planning to high-level gaming to horizon-scanning to provide clients with actionable insights across both near- and longer-term time horizons.

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    Gaming for Research

    RAND Europe's use of gaming techniques allows decision makers to consider complex problems in a simulated environment as a test bed for different policy options. Participants are able to think creatively about ways to tackle issues and gain perspective on the cross-sector consequences of decisions.

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    Randomised Controlled Trials

    RAND Europe uses RCTs for simple and complex social interventions in several areas of policy, including education, employment and criminal justice. We have expertise in planning and undertaking all elements of both randomised trials and the process evaluations that enable us to answer the 'why' and 'how' questions about results.