About CFFS

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The Centre for Futures and Foresight Studies (CFFS) enables RAND Europe to help a wide range of different clients navigate this uncertain space.

The CFFS is a cross-team centre of excellence established in 2018 to consolidate and further develop RAND Europe’s extensive and growing portfolio of futures work, through the application of multiple future methodologies and the delivery of bespoke services across the strategy, policy and decision making spectrums.

The CFFS combines the depth of RAND Europe’s methodological expertise in futures techniques with the breadth of its subject-matter expertise from three research groups: Defence, Security and Infrastructure; Home Affairs and Social Policy; and Innovation, Health and Science.

The work of the CFFS spans four main application areas:

  • thought leadership

  • strategy and policy development

  • capability development

  • market awareness

Work with Us

With around 1700 researchers across the US, Europe and Australia, RAND embodies global research talent that spans many disciplines and fields of research. The CFFS has access to the full range of RAND talent and can leverage a wide network of internal and external experts.

If you are interested in a particular research field or futures methodology, please contact the CFFS at cffs@rand.org