Our Services

Through the CFFS, RAND Europe can deliver a wide range of foresight services to meet the demands of our clients. Examples of the most common services include:

  • Full research studies.
    In-depth studies designed to provide evidence-based analysis on specific research questions

  • Rolling reporting.
    Provision at regular intervals of information on relevant developments in Science & Technology (S&T)

  • Deep dives.
    Concise summaries of key S&T, political or other developments in one or more areas to enhance understanding of their possible implications

  • Workshops.
    Structured discussions of key S&T, political or other developments and their implications in greater depth with a group of experts to foster better understanding and knowledge

  • Advice.
    A consultancy-type offering that falls short of a full research report but is broader in scope than a deep dive. Often our advice takes the form of a scoping study and may build on previous RAND work

  • Periodic events.
    Sessions for a general audience to educate and stimulate open discussions on particular S&T developments to raise awareness of their wider economic, societal, and political future impacts