RAND Europe Research Briefs on Defence and Security



  • How resilience affects the transition experiences of UK Service leavers 2018

    RAND Europe was commissioned by the Forces in Mind Trust to conduct a study on the role of resilience in shaping the transition experiences of UK Service leavers. The study also identified relevant insights from other sectors through analysis of the experiences of civilian comparator groups undergoing transition, including bereaved individuals, former prisoners and foster care leavers.


  • Innovation models for defence 2015

    The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) commissioned RAND Europe to conduct a study of innovation models and make recommendations on changes the MOD could make to better harness and absorb innovation from external sources.





  • How to leave an Olympic Legacy: Using the past and the present to deliver the future 2008

    Setting the Agenda for an Evidence-based Olympics is a RAND Europe initiative that reveals how our rigorous research and analysis can help policy and decision makers to address the immense challenges of London's Olympic Games.

  • Remuneration and its motivation of UK military personnel 2008

    RAND was commissioned to study the attitudes of military personnel towards their remuneration package in order to highlight and determine the extent to which it motivates them to join and stay in the Armed Forces.

  • Sustaining Key Skills in the UK Naval Industry 2008

    To preserve its ability to design, build, and support complex warships and submarines, the UK's Ministry of Defence (MOD) will need to preserve and sustain several key technical skills in the maritime domain. In particular, it will need detailed designers and professional engineers for various stages of surface ship and submarine acquisition and support. Although the MOD has taken into account the requirement for these skills, its future maritime programme is likely to have to undergo modification or be augmented in order to sustain these technical skills in the long term.