Publications: Evaluation for Better Performance




  • Assessing Research: The Researchers' View Volume II 2003

    Steven Wooding, Jonathan Grant

    The Research Assessment Exercise is used to assess the quality of, and determine core government funding for, research carried out in UK universities. This report provided evidence for a review of the process. The overwhelming majority of participants thought research should be assessed using a system based on peer review; that there was a strong desire for a system with clear rules and transparent procedures; and that there was a need for improved systems to assess inter- and multi-disciplinary research work.

  • Benchmarking e-Government in Europe and the US 2003

    Irma Graafland-Essers, Emile Ettedgui

    This study addresses the demand-side of e-government--not only usage--but also perceptions and barriers to utilization that have not been treated previously. Indicators to measure acceptance and adoption of e-government were used to build two surveys that were then piloted among members of the 'general population' in the 15 EU Member States, Switzerland and Europe, and to IT managers in the commercial sector in seven EU countries. The survey shows that only about one third of businesses are currently using e-government. Among these, only about one third prefer this method over existing methods.

  • TEN Telecom Guidelines Status Review 2003

    Jonathan Cave, Maarten Botterman, Renske Ellens, Paivi Luoma, Gert-Jan de Vries, Roel Westerhof

    Trans-European Networks, or TENS, in transport, telecommunications, and energy, support projects of common interest where immediate commercial prospects and benefits are uncertain but that promote interconnection and interoperability of and universal access to national transport, telecommunications, and energy networks. In order to assess the future needs and prospects for the TEN Telecom Action and to develop a vision by which to revise its guidelines, this document presents a technology foresight study examining emergent technological solutions and needs, a survey among sector users, and in-depth interviews with sector members.