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  • Body worn cameras are being trialed by officers in Wolverhampton and Birmingham

    Body-Worn Cameras Associated with Increased Assaults Against Police

    Rates of assault against police officers are 15% higher when they wear cameras, possibly because they feel more confident about reporting assaults once they are captured on camera or because the officers did not keep their cameras on throughout their shift.

    01 Jun 2016

  • Outpatient ear inspection

    When Should NHS 'Move Care into the Community'?

    ‘Moving care into the community’ is a prominent feature of NHS policy. Research by RAND Europe on outpatient clinics indicates when the policy makes sense and how it can be more effective.

    27 May 2016

  • Senior woman and caregiver

    Developing a Plan to Evaluate the Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme

    To help NHS England improve its new Integrated Personal Commissioning programme, RAND Europe defined a plan for the programme's evaluation and worked with the nine demonstrator sites to ensure the needed data were collected.

    24 May 2016

  • Drug dealer taking money for heroine and ecstasy

    Alice-Rap reframes European approach to addiction

    RAND Europe led a research area within the Addictions and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe – Reframing Addictions Project, a 5-year EU project to help policymakers rethink approaches to the human and economic costs of addictions by weaving the work of over 150 scientists in 25 countries into an integrated evidence base.

    24 May 2016

  • Scientists working in a lab

    The National Institute of Health Research at 10 Years

    To mark the NIHR's tenth anniversary, the UK Department of Health commissioned an impact synthesis of how NIHR has benefited the health research landscape.

    18 May 2016

  • Girl with balloons, walking on beach

    Better Health Outcomes Are Related to Social Expenditure

    Research shows that, across OECD countries, higher levels of social spending are strongly associated with better health, and the association is particularly strong for public social spending. Additionally, the association between social spending and better health strengthens over time.

    11 May 2016

  • Senior woman and man talking to doctor with clipboard

    Evaluating the Q Initiative for UK Healthcare Quality Improvement

    To inform the direction and strategy of Q, an initiative led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS England, RAND Europe evaluated the initiative and provided real-time feedback throughout its first year. The evaluation focused on identifying problems and practical solutions.

    10 May 2016

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    Exploring the Future of Genomic Medicine: Learning from Population-Scale Sequencing initiatives

    Population-scale genome-sequencing initiatives have evolved over the past two decades. RAND Europe examines progress made in terms of the initiatives' scientific, technological and biomedical contributions, and their influence on the institutions that govern science and innovation more widely.

    29 Apr 2016

  • Syrian refugees wait to receive treatment at a health center in Mafraq, Jordan, January 30, 2016

    Rethinking Coordination of Services to Refugees in Urban Areas

    The vast majority of Syrian refugees live in urban areas, not camps. What can be done to improve the coordination of international and national entities managing the refugee response in urban areas in Jordan and Lebanon?

    27 Apr 2016

  • Coins in soil with seedling plants

    Evaluating Social Innovation Pilot Projects

    A series of social innovation pilot projects across Europe aim to support the growth of European social finance markets and the development of capacities within social business and young entrepreneurship. RAND Europe and Ecorys evaluated the pilots and hosted a series of interactive workshops to encourage an exchange of experiences.

    22 Apr 2016

  • Woman with cancer using a laptop in bed

    (How) Are Quality of Life Assessments Used During Cancer Treatment?

    Although quality of life considerations are important for all cancer treatment, they may be particularly important when survival prospects are limited. RAND Europe explored whether, when, how, and what quality of life assessment tools are used in the treatment and care of cancer patients.

    18 Apr 2016

  • Old greenhouse in the botanical garden in Cambridge UK

    Measuring Spillovers Between UK Public, Charity and Private Medical Research

    The King’s Policy Institute, the Office of Health Economics and RAND Europe developed a methodology to estimate how many pounds of pharmaceutical industry R&D is stimulated in the UK by public or charity spending on medical research.

    11 Apr 2016

  • diverse group of people

    Evaluating the Impact of the European Programme for Integration and Migration

    The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) is a €3 million collaborative initiative of 12 major foundations to improve integration of and outcomes for migrants in Europe through advocacy, capacity-building and policy change. EPIM had RAND Europe evaluate the achievements and impacts of their work in 2012-2015, to ensure accountability and enable learning that can be acted on during the course of the programme.

    06 Apr 2016

  • A medical team works together to provide unified care

    Helping the NHS Evaluate and Promote the Health of its Workforce

    A comprehensive survey of staff health and wellbeing at a selection of NHS organisations will map in detail the physical and mental health of NHS staff as well as their perceptions of existing work-wellbeing initiatives and organisational culture.

    05 Apr 2016

  • UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre

    Evaluation Offers Recommendations for UCLH-Macmillan Cancer Partnership

    Through CCHSR, RAND Europe helped to evaluate the University College London Hospitals partnership with Macmillan Cancer Centre, a programme offering patient and carer support, and provided recommendations for its continued improvement.

    04 Apr 2016

  • Illustration of profile and visible brain with world planisphere

    Mapping the Global Mental Health Research Funding System

    To support the coordination of mental health research, RAND Europe mapped the research funding ‘ecosystem’. Researchers explored who the major funders are, what kinds of research they support, and how their strategies relate to one another.

    25 Mar 2016

  • Telemedicine consultation

    Galvanising the NHS to Adopt Innovation

    A series of interviews and workshops helped RAND Europe evaluate three measures proposed as part of the NHS Accelerated Access Review interim report to encourage the adoption of innovation. RAND assessed the feasibility of the measures and factors likely to facilitate or challenge their success.

    22 Mar 2016

  • Businessman or politician taking bribe from a colleague handing him Euros

    Estimating the True Cost of Corruption in Europe

    Corruption—from paying bribes to exercising power, to giving privileged access to public services, goods or contracts—costs the EU up to €990bn annually in GDP, according to a study across all 28 EU member states.

    22 Mar 2016

  • An approximate view of the London Commuter Belt showing commuter towns and the main road and rail links into the city. Urban areas in and around London are grey.

    Developing a New National Transport Model for the UK

    At the request of the Department for Transport, RAND Europe and Atkins are updating the UK's national transport model using current datasets. The project team may also suggest further enhancements to improve the forecasting functionality and/or consistency of the model.

    15 Mar 2016

  • jail cell hands

    Reducing Re-Offending Behaviours of Terrorist Offenders

    RAND Europe explored the effectiveness of the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) program in reducing the re-offending potential of UK terrorist offenders. The team explored potential for multi-agency information sharing and assessed risk of terrorist offenders under MAPPA supervision. Results evaluated the program’s effectiveness and established methods of measuring ongoing success.

    08 Mar 2016

  • homeless man against the wall

    Examining Perceptions of the Nature of Urban Street Gangs in EGYV Areas

    To improve understanding of how local experiences of street gangs may have changed recently, and to better understand the national gangs picture and the challenges and emerging threats facing local areas, the UK Home Office commissioned RAND Europe to deliver research in 33 local areas which are part of the Ending Gang and Youth Violence programme.

    29 Feb 2016

  • Information safety graphic design

    How Organisations Invest in Cybersecurity

    The digital dependence in developed countries has led to a situation where security vulnerabilities and security incidents potentially come accompanied by serious consequences. With this in mind, RAND Europe investigated why, where and how organisations in critical infrastructure sectors invest in cybersecurity.

    29 Feb 2016

  • pencil and bubble test

    Understanding Civil Service Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

    RAND Europe undertook two surveys with civil servants in 14 countries in the CEEC and Balkans as part of a research project to explore the sustainability of civil service reform. It is the largest comparative survey of civil servants undertaken in the region. Additional RAND Europe internal funding will enable the research team to look in detail at governance issues in the region’s civil service, consolidate expertise and internal/external relationships, and contribute to academic thinking on this topic.

    29 Jan 2016

  • Cover image for RR1132, A 'DECISIVE' approach to research funding

    Lessons from Three Retrosight Studies Suggest Taking a 'DECISIVE' Approach to Research Funding

    Having conducted three studies using the Retrosight approach, we identified eight lessons which form a ‘DECISIVE’ approach to biomedical and health research funding.

    28 Jan 2016

  • Cover image for Innovation, Health and Wealth report

    Innovation, Health and Wealth: A Formative and Summative Evaluation

    The Department of Health’s strategy for improving care and creating greater wealth through innovation, known as ‘Innovation, Health and Wealth’ (IHW), has the potential to systematically change the way the NHS operates. RAND Europe evaluated whether and how IHW actions have worked as planned and contributed to achieving the strategy's overarching aims.

    13 Jan 2016