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Trusted partners in defence economics and acquisition research

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RAND Europe’s Centre for Defence Economics and Acquisition (CDEA) takes a holistic approach to defence economics and acquisition, drawing on wider defence expertise, as well as multimethod teams and other policy portfolios.

Our analyses of defence economics and acquisition programmes consider the full picture—including strategy, politics, industry, and the wider policy context.

Our Focus

The CDEA is an independent, trusted resource for defence economics and acquisition research, providing a central hub for growing insights and expertise in the field.

  • Strategy and policy

    We analyse the intersection of global strategic trends and defence strategy and policy, as well as the links to acquisition and the economy.

  • Acquisition and industry

    We study the acquisition of equipment suitable for the wars of the future, including ways to use defence budgets as efficiently as possible.

  • Defence economics

    We examine ways to efficiently spend defence budgets, as well as the wider benefits of defence expenditure, including employment and the economy.

Our Methods

The CDEA builds on RAND’s longstanding track record of meaningful defence research and analysis, using both tried-and-true, traditional methods and those on the cutting edge with the support of the Methods Centers at RAND.

See our methods in action
  • Defence market analysis
  • Defence industrial base analysis
  • Acquisition and industry workforce and skill analysis
  • Cost and risk analysis
  • Consultancy support to major acquisition programmes
  • Futures and foresight approaches

Why RAND Europe?

RAND Europe has been in business for more than 30 years, building on RAND’s 70+ years of experience and reputation for rigorous, objective defence and defence economics research.

Part academic institution and part consultancy, RAND Europe translates research findings and evidence into practical and actionable insights with impact-focused recommendations.

We have an established reputation for independent and robust work, and a commitment to making a positive impact. And we do it all while working across geographies and cultures to provide nuanced, effective solutions.

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