Commentaries on Employment and Social Policy

  • Tracking Migration Amid War and Disease

    Researchers from RAND and RAND Europe have been working on a way to better track migrant numbers, country by country and state by state, in almost real time. They do it by tapping into one of the largest information-gathering operations on the planet, Facebook.

    28 Apr 2022

  • Domestic Violence Support Staff Need More Help

    During the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns, European Union states had a 60 percent increase in emergency calls about intimate-partner violence. Amid a protracted second wave that has led to further lockdowns, it may not be too late to provide the funding and legislative changes necessary to ensure domestic violence service providers can offer crucial support.

    15 Mar 2021

    Lillian Flemons, Shann Corbett

  • How Better Support Can Be Provided to Ex–Service Personnel in the Criminal Justice System

    Former armed forces personnel make up the UK's largest group of male prisoners by occupation. What can police and government do to provide targeted support in the criminal justice system to those from a military background?

    30 Nov 2020

    Sarah Grand-Clement

  • Long-Term Furloughs During COVID-19 Hold Risks for Employee Health and Well-Being

    Governments around the world have offered furlough schemes to try to delay employers from making any restructuring decisions during the pandemic. The aims of such programs are laudable. But they may come with unintended consequences.

    15 Jun 2020

    Carol Black, Christian Van Stolk

  • Tackling EU Child Poverty Through a Child Guarantee

    Nearly 26.4 percent of children across the EU are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, poverty or social exclusion. The proposed Child Guarantee initiative might help address this issue. But it could also be worthwhile to encourage member states to look at funding mechanisms that are already in place.

    21 May 2018

    Joanna Hofman , Katherine Stewart

  • Is Macron Set to 'Take Back Control' of UK-France Border After Brexit?

    As French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in London for the 35th UK-France Summit, there is growing French discomfort with arrangements at the UK-France border. The UK's decision to leave the European Union has added new urgency to this already fraught debate.

    17 Jan 2018

    James Black, Sarah Grand-Clement

  • Migrant Crisis in the Mediterranean: What You Need to Know

    The countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea are facing unprecedented stress. A former lieutenant with the Italian Navy is now a RAND researcher, working to help others appreciate the scope of the crisis.

    02 May 2017

  • Does Social Spending Hold the Key to Better Health?

    Many governments are cutting spending on social welfare programs, such as unemployment benefits, while protecting health care spending. This could actually be negatively affecting population health.

    24 May 2016

    Alex Sutherland

  • Does Increased Social Spending Lead to Better Population Health?

    Research adds further weight to existing evidence that bolstering expenditure on social programmes might give governments and people a better return on their investments in terms of population health.

    11 May 2016

    Alex Sutherland, Charlene Rohr, et al.

  • Are EU Migrants Over-Qualified for the Jobs They Do?

    Debates on EU mobility are focused on what EU migrants take away from their host countries, and the costs they may bring taxpayers. What may be ignored is the contribution migrants bring to local labor markets and how this can grow if they have jobs that make the most of their skills.

    24 Feb 2016

    Barbara Janta, Joanna Hofman

  • Why Now Is the Time for a Unified Response to Europe's Migrant Crisis

    Some EU member states are re-instating temporary internal border controls in an attempt to control the flow of migrants. If the EU is to develop a coordinated plan to manage the crisis, it needs to achieve a more balanced redistribution of migrants and establish more efficient processing of asylum applications.

    17 Feb 2016

    Giacomo Persi Paoli

  • Why Access to In-Work Benefits Is a Hard Nut to Crack in the UK's EU Negotiations

    Likely opposition from EU member states and a lack of evidence over EU migrants coming to the UK to access benefits could put Prime Minister Cameron in a difficult negotiating position in seeking to change the rules on welfare benefits.

    25 Jan 2016

    Barbara Janta, Emma Harte

  • What Are the Facts About EU Migration to the UK?

    Discussions about European migration taking place during the EU Summit this week could benefit from the facts: that the actual number of EU migrants in the UK is considerably smaller than popular perception, and those that are in the UK have higher employment levels than UK nationals.

    18 Dec 2015

    Barbara Janta

  • How to Solve the Mediterranean's Migrant Crisis

    Destroying smugglers' vessels could contribute to reducing illegal migration and impact the business model that makes smuggling so profitable. But it won't stop smuggling altogether.

    28 May 2015

  • What Does It Take to Rescue Migrants at Sea?

    EU leaders gathered today for an emergency summit to discuss a concerted response to the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea. As a former officer serving aboard an Italian Navy warship deployed in Operation Mare Nostrum in Nov. 2013, Giacomo Persi Paoli is well aware of the challenges.

    23 Apr 2015

    Giacomo Persi Paoli

  • We Need to Talk About the Taboo — 'Mental Health Matters'

    The stigma surrounding mental health often leads young people to shy away from seeking the help and support they need. This year's celebration of the UN's International Youth Day (12th August) focuses on mental health and aims to raise awareness and remove the stigma.

    11 Aug 2014

    Marie-Louise Henham

  • Every Parent Can Be a Better Parent

    The 20th anniversary of the International Day of Families on 15th May 2014 provides an appropriate occasion to celebrate the important role parents play in children's lives and the parenting skills that help children achieve their full potential.

    15 May 2014

    Barbara Janta

  • Could Britain See a Baby Boom?

    The birth of Prince George, the first child of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, comes at a time when fertility in Britain is increasing after decades of decline. RAND Europe's Stijn Hoorens comments that the U.K.'s total fertility rate is the third highest in Europe, behind only France and Ireland, and asks why British couples have more babies than those in other European countries.

    31 Jul 2013

    Stijn Hoorens

  • Investing in Children

    The historic objective of Children's Day — celebrated in many European countries on the first day of June — was not simply to celebrate children for who they are, but to bring attention to children around the world who suffer from exploitation, violence, and discrimination, writes Barbara Janta. Raising awareness and strengthening children's rights have long been objectives for many international and national organizations.

    31 May 2013

    Barbara Janta

  • The Value of Uncertainty: Assessing Global Societal Trends

    Schuman Day recognises efforts made to lay the foundation of what we now know as the European Union (EU). Over the last 63 years we can see how global societal trends have shaped the EU and impacted European policymaking. Predicting future trends, while desirable for policymakers, is more difficult, if not impossible to do accurately. However, RAND Europe's research for the Bureau of European Policy Advisors will deepen understanding of future implications by looking at the causal mechanisms underpinning forecasts of global societal trends and challenges their assumptions.

    09 May 2013

    Stijn Hoorens