Population Dynamics and Migration

Examining the myriad factors that influence population size and structure, from education and economic growth, to migration and social interventions

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  • Project

    Refugee Employability Programme Evaluation

    The UK Home Office (HO) commissioned a consortium led by Ipsos UK with RAND Europe and Renaisi to undertake a process, impact and economic evaluation of the Refugee Employability Programme.

  • Project

    Feasibility study on attracting long-term care workers from non-EU countries

    The Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) commissioned RAND Europe in partnership with Ernst & Young to undertake research to better understand the role of third-country workers in the long-term care sector in the EU.

  • Project

    Employment and age in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area: Local evidence about workers aged 50 and older

    Offering flexible working, job redesign and reasonable adjustments, having age-friendly management and cultures, and having age-inclusive recruitment practices are important to recruit and retain workers aged 50+.

  • Project

    Monitoring and Evaluation Support for SPARK’s Jobs Programme

    RAND Europe is working with SPARK, a Dutch NGO, to assess the monitoring and evaluation system for the Jobs Programme.

  • Project

    How the Dutch approached Brexit

    An independent evaluation of the Dutch response to the UK withdrawal from the European Union found that the Netherlands fared well in negotiations and preparations, but Brexit's total costs to the Netherlands remain unclear.

  • Project

    Human security and the 2022 NATO Strategic Concept

    RAND Europe brought together over forty experts from across military, government, academia, think tanks, and civil society for a seminar to explore the concept of human security and its applications at NATO now and in the future.

  • Essay

    Tracking Migration Amid War and Disease

    Researchers from RAND and RAND Europe have been working on a way to better track migrant numbers, country by country and state by state, in almost real time. They do it by tapping into one of the largest information-gathering operations on the planet, Facebook.

  • Project

    Using social media data to ‘nowcast’ migration around the globe

    Because official statistics can be delayed or fail to correctly capture the full extent of migration, making informed policy decisions can be a challenge. Researchers developed an approach to compute near-real-time migration estimates for Europe and the United States using social media data.

  • Project

    Assessing the economic value of illicit markets in the EU

    The aggregate annual revenues of the nine main criminal markets in the EU ranged from €92 to €188 billion in 2019, according to research that examined the scale, actors, modus operandi and trends in these markets.

  • Project

    How, and how much, do migrants use UK health services?

    Recent arrivals to the UK use the NHS significantly less than the UK-born population, though the difference narrows when adjusted for age and self-assessed health. However, more work is needed to provide insights to policy makers on migrant use of the NHS, their health needs, and the quality of health care received.

  • Project

    Measuring migration using big data

    Researchers from five organisations collaborated in an effort to use social media data to develop models for estimating real-time migration flows and stocks of migrants in the EU. They were successful in applying a groundbreaking migrant stock model, but the approach for estimating EU mobility flows remains a work in progress.

  • Project

    International comparison of consular services

    To help the Dutch government identify best practices for consular services, researchers compared the the support different countries provide to their citizens abroad. The insights may help the Netherlands identify innovative practices, procedures and ways of organising their consular services.

  • Project

    Evaluation of the Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care Older People's Programme

    Researchers assessed changes in hospital utilisation following implementation of case management interventions in two boroughs of south London, in comparison to similar populations elsewhere. They found that the additional investment made through the programme cost more than it saved, possibly through the identification of unmet need.

  • Project

    Exploring Community-Based Social Innovations (CBSIs) for Healthy Ageing

    Researchers examined how CBSIs function across a number of rapidly ageing countries. They documented the policies, programmes and health system factors underpinning their success and provided recommendations for implementing policies and the CBSIs themselves.

  • Commentary

    Making Education a Reality for All Children in Europe

    Access to education is a fundamental children's right in the EU and is guaranteed under a variety of legal and policy frameworks. Despite many approaches and initiatives adopted across the EU, a number of challenges remain concerning the development of effective long-term education measures for migrant children.

  • Project

    Understanding barriers to international mobility for researchers

    International travel can help researchers work better together, but it has its challenges. RAND Europe surveyed researchers to gain a better understanding of their experiences of travelling for work and how that varies internationally.

  • Commentary

    Is Macron Set to 'Take Back Control' of UK-France Border After Brexit?

    As French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in London for the 35th UK-France Summit, there is growing French discomfort with arrangements at the UK-France border. The UK's decision to leave the European Union has added new urgency to this already fraught debate.