Mother playing with young son in a public park.
Mother playing with young son in a public park.
Mother playing with young son in a public park.

Working with charitable trusts and foundations

Supporting our partners to fulfil their purpose

RAND Europe helps charitable foundations achieve their purpose and maximise their impact by conducting high-quality research. We support decisionmakers to make the very best choices to positively impact on the life outcomes of people across the world.

What we value

  • People are at the core of our work.

    RAND Europe strives for a just and sustainable future where everyone can reach their full potential. We are a not-for-profit research institute working worldwide to inform policy and practice. Our team fully embodies RAND Europe’s core values that stress the importance of balancing rigorous research methods with collaboration, openness, and agility.

  • We aim to bring high-quality evidence and astute analysis to bear on the challenges we as a society face.

    By working with organisations as a trusted partner, we aim to bring high-quality evidence and astute analysis to bear on the challenges we as a society face. We provide our not-for-profit, family foundation, and government partners with robust, independent research so that decisionmakers can make informed choices that will maximise benefit.

How we help

A relationship with RAND Europe begins with a conversation.

We start by understanding an organisation’s goals so that we can reach a collective understanding. We then tailor our methodological toolkit to the organisation’s needs, leveraging the knowledge capital of our researchers to formulate a bespoke approach.

Through innovative methods such as horizon scanning and futures analysis, or traditional methods like literature reviews and comparative analysis, we help build and enhance the evidence-base for decisionmakers.

  • Helping you to understand change in complex systems

    RAND Europe is serving as an evaluation partner for a health charity as they develop a programme to support people with multiple long-term health conditions live longer and better lives. We worked with the charity and key stakeholders to develop an evaluation framework and create data collection tools to generate insights across multiple projects within the programme. This new approach is helping the charity collect data across different elements of the programme and will eventually help them understand their impact.

  • Demonstrating the value you create

    We are currently working with a philanthropic organisation to help them understand how a strategic partnership between a number of charities is helping to support a more holistic approach to prisoner rehabilitation. We are conducting interviews with a number of key stakeholders to understand the critical ingredients which are needed to make the programme a success. We will then identify the beneficial features of the programme and make recommendations for how the organisation can ensure these features can be rolled out to other prisons.

  • Supporting you to influence those who matter most

    An influential third sector organization commissioned RAND Europe to conduct a consensus-building survey to understand how to better support vulnerable children. The survey had two aims: to increase practitioner knowledge about the evidence base and to highlight areas for future work by identifying specific issues that hindered progress. Findings from the work were used to support the organisation to gain consensus on priorities moving forward.

Contact us

Thank you for taking an interest in RAND Europe and the work we do. Please contact Elena Rosa Brown so we can begin a conversation.

Elena Rosa Brown

Elena Rosa Brown

Research Leader

One of the reasons I chose to come to RAND was the people. I’ve always been impressed at how passionate everyone is about their work and the fact that people are keen to use their research skills to support organisations. I’m proud that I work in an organisation that delivers research that seeks to have real impact supporting people and communities to be stronger.