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No one can predict what the future holds. But we can help you plan for it.

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The Centre for Futures and Foresight Studies (CFFS) combines deep methodological expertise in futures research with extensive sectoral knowledge. It offers rigorous research and analysis to inform decision making.

Good decisions rely on good evidence, now and for the future.

Our work helps you to both make better strategic decisions and shape your future.

  • Bespoke research and analysis We draw on an extensive toolkit of futures research methods to help decision makers understand future change, improve decision making, and manage risks.

  • Building futures and foresight capabilities We support organisations aiming to develop and integrate futures and foresight skills, processes and structures to improve internal analysis and decision making.

  • Thought leadership Through advisory, videos, blogs and commentaries, we translate research insights into understandable formats to inform policy and strategic decisions.

  • Futures research methods We continue RAND’s long history of methodological work, which started in the late 1950s and 1960s with the developments of the Delphi method and scenario analysis.

Our research uses innovative and tried-and-true methods, plus expert knowledge.

We use a range of futures approaches to help you reduce complexity and gain actionable insights, including methods to:

  • Forecast future change using methods such as Horizon scanning, Trends analysis, Driver and Systems mapping.
  • Anticipate future scenarios, including potential urgent developments, and understand how these may impact your organisation.
  • Develop and explore possible futures, by using evidence-driven approaches to creating plausible scenarios of how different futures may look like.
  • Explore options for action through traditional and innovative methods, drawing on the expertise of RAND's other methods centres.
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We work for you—and with you.

Our approach to futures research is deeply rooted in collaboration, where we deploy bespoke and tailored approaches to your specific needs.

  • At the crossroads of academic institutions and consultancies We translate rigorous and objective research and analysis into practical and actionable insights and impact-focused recommendations.
  • A UK Government-approved provider of futures research We work under the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ‘Futures Framework’ run in collaboration with GO Science.
  • Proven track record of helping organisations make better decisions about the future We build on RAND’s 70-year legacy in futures and foresight and we continue to deliver world-class futures research and analysis.

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