Health and Healthcare Research

RAND Europe's growing health and healthcare portfolio brings together a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in public health, health services research, clinical medicine, economics, psychology and systems design.

We work in close collaboration with the Health Services Research Group at Cambridge University through our Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR) to inform objective policymaking in the health and healthcare field in the UK, across the rest of Europe, and globally.

Featured Research

Selected Research

  • BRACE-NIHR rapid service evaluation centre for healthcare in England

    06 Jun 2018

    The Birmingham, RAND and Cambridge Evaluation (BRACE) Centre is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to conduct rapid evaluations of promising new services and innovations in healthcare.

  • Updating the 'Vitality Age' Calculator

    01 Jun 2018

    The Vitality Age Calculator is an online tool that gives users a ‘snapshot’ of their overall health based on lifestyle choices and clinical factors. RAND Europe helped to update the calculator's methodology and use of available data.

  • Pre-Evaluation of the Communities of Practice (CoPs) Programme

    20 Mar 2018

    Researchers conducted a scoping exercise to help plan and prepare for a more systematic and complete evaluation of the Health Innovation Network's Communities of Practice, while also providing immediate evidence to help CoPs improve their effectiveness.

  • Evaluating the Optimal Lengths of Prescription Plans

    14 Mar 2018

    A review of clinical and economic evidence, followed by economic modelling, suggests that the NHS should rethink its policies and guidance promoting 28-day vs three-month prescription lengths. Three-month prescriptions were associated with lower administrative costs and improved medication adherence.

  • Evaluating the Impact of EU R&D into PRNDs

    21 Feb 2018

    EU-funded research and development into poverty-related and neglected diseases has had a significant impact on strengthening research capacity in low- and middle-income countries, but its effects on encouraging universal health coverage is less clear.

  • RAND Europe Working with THIS Institute

    22 Jan 2018

    The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute is a ten-year effort to create a world-leading scientific asset for the NHS by strengthening the evidence-base for improving the quality and safety of healthcare. RAND Europe is a key partner, investigating what works in improving healthcare, what doesn’t, and why.

  • Evaluating the Eastern AHSN Transformation Support Unit

    01 Dec 2017

    The Eastern Academic Health Science Network supports innovation uptake in the healthcare system. RAND Europe has been commissioned to evaluate their Transformation Support Unit, which helps implement innovative solutions to challenges faced by health and care providers.

  • Supporting the 'Britain's Healthiest Workplace' Competition

    30 Nov 2017

    For the last four years, RAND Europe has designed and run surveys, analysed results, and provided customised reports to organisations that participate in the annual Britain's Healthiest Workplace competition. The contest’s central aims are to raise awareness and gain a better understanding of how organisations can engage with the wellness of their employees.