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Examining how different models of service delivery can meet the health and social care needs of increasingly ageing populations within restricted resources

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  • An insurance professional reviewing the details of the contract with an elderly man


    The impact of predictive genetic tests on the insurance industry

    Researchers developed a framework for evaluating the potential effects of predictive genetic tests on the UK insurance industry. The framework provides a transparent approach for evaluating whether a specific condition for which a test is available could impact the insurance industry and understanding the key factors that influence this.

    08 Apr 2022

  • Project

    The impact of vertical integration of health services

    In several locations across England and Wales, NHS organisations responsible for managing acute hospitals have also taken over the running of primary care medical practices. Vertical integration is a valuable option to consider when GP practices look likely to fail due to recruitment and financial difficulties, but it is not an option that should be imposed from the top down.

    12 Jan 2022

  • Four hands encircling image of a family, photo by Andrey Popov/Adobe Stock


    Evaluating collaborations between primary care general practices in the UK

    Primary care networks can help GPs run a wider range of services for their patients and make changes that are needed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be important to have additional clarification and support around the role of primary care networks in the wider NHS in England.

    05 Jan 2022

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    Research Brief

    Greater telemedicine adoption in Canada could offer economic and social benefits

    Alongside the benefits from tools such as telemonitoring and digital health records, researchers found that widespread use of teleconsultations could lead to significant benefits for Canadian patients, the Canadian economy and wider Canadian society.

    06 Dec 2021

  • Helpful nurse giving pills to senior lady in medical center, photo by Stock


    Making outcome-based payment a reality in the NHS: Phase 2

    To prepare for the implementation of a pilot scheme to pay for cancer drugs based on achieved outcomes, researchers addressed issues identified in the first phase of research, such as the quality and completeness of real-world data on key patient outcomes.

    23 Nov 2021

  • Business meeting between four upper management board members, photo by nakophotography/Adobe Stock


    Communicating research evidence to health and care governance boards

    A study of health and care board members in England found that boards engage with research evidence in various capacities when making decisions, but many expressed an appetite for improving the ways and extent to which research evidence is used at the board level.

    28 Sep 2021

  • Tiny people forming a DNA helix, image by Mopic/Adobe Stock


    Supporting Your DNA, Your Say

    RAND Europe is providing support to the Your DNA, Your Say project in terms of design and implementation of the analysis of survey data and reporting results in scientific papers.

    08 Jul 2021

  • Multimedia

    Funding Social Care: The Public's Preferences

    Jon Sussex, chief economist at RAND Europe, spoke as part of We Are the Solution, the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM) Future of Social Care Conference.

    23 Jun 2021

  • Confused businessman with direction arrows on whiteboard, photo by ronstik/Adobe Stock


    Supporting prioritisation and evaluation of mental health funding related to urgent and emergency care

    Researchers produced a guide to help local NHS systems and partnerships determine spending and planning priorities and then evaluate selected projects for mental health urgent and emergency care.

    30 Apr 2021

  • abstract


    Reviewing the use and effectiveness of arts-based approaches for public engagement with research

    To raise awareness about a research topic, increase research impact, or help inform the research process and direction, taking an arts-based approach may help to engage the public.

    11 Jan 2021

  • Elder couple work together at computer, photo by Proxima Studio/Adobe Stock


    How to help patients to access and use online services in primary health care

    Researchers are exploring the potential benefits and challenges associated with different models of digital facilitation for primary care, and will design a framework for future evaluations of the effectiveness of such interventions.

    05 Jan 2021

  • Hospital administrator and medical staff in a hospital hallway, photo by sturti/Getty Images


    Can Primary Care Networks and Models of Vertical Integration Coexist in the NHS?

    Vertical integration with a hospital helps primary care practices that might otherwise have closed to remain in operation. It thereby creates the opportunity for the continued development and improvement of local primary care for patients.

    07 Dec 2020

  • Medical staff listen to administration staff, photo by sturti/Getty Images


    How Hospitals Could Step in to Help Manage GP Practices

    The supply of doctors in primary care, known as 'GPs' in the UK, is falling behind a growing demand for their services, as GPs leave general practice in large numbers. One way to help struggling GP practices could be vertical integration—combining health care organizations operating at different stages along the patient pathway.

    01 Dec 2020

  • Medical staff seated in a circle at a case meeting


    Independent evaluation of the Flow Coaching Academy programme

    To help improve patient flow through the healthcare system, researchers evaluated a novel programme that applies team coaching skills and improvement science at the care pathway level.

    25 Nov 2020

  • Senior woman using digital tablet and having video call with nurse, photo by izusek/Getty Images


    Primary Care Networks in a Time of Pandemic

    Primary care networks in the UK bring together general practices and community providers to develop new services for patients and to provide better integration of health and social care services and sustainability in primary care. While still relatively new, their trajectory is likely to be influenced by COVID-19–related adaptations they have made over the course of the pandemic.

    11 Nov 2020