RAND Europe Research on Work and Wellbeing

RAND Europe has undertaken numerous studies that look at the interface between employment and health and wellbeing in the workplace. Some common themes emerge from these pieces of work...

Featured Research

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    Innovation, Health and Wealth: A Formative and Summative Evaluation

    13 Jan 2016

    The Department of Health’s strategy for improving care and creating greater wealth through innovation, known as ‘Innovation, Health and Wealth’ (IHW), has the potential to systematically change the way the NHS operates. RAND Europe evaluated whether and how IHW actions have worked as planned and contributed to achieving the strategy's overarching aims.

Selected Research

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    Britain's Healthiest Workplace survey findings

    Absence and presenteeism accounts for an average of 38 days' lost productivity per employee per year, marking an upward trend in lost productivity since 2014, when the number was only 23 days.

  • Analytical Support for South Africa's Healthy Company Index

    The 2014 Healthy Company Index competition in South Africa included research and analytical support from RAND Europe, in an effort to identify South Africa’s Healthiest Company.

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    Psychological Wellbeing and Work in the UK

    Mental ill-health is associated with high economic and social costs and represents a significant policy challenge in the UK: Mental health is now one of the leading reasons for people claiming sickness absence benefits. Public sector stakeholders commissioned RAND Europe to identify approaches to improve the effectiveness and alignment of health and employment services to achieve better employment outcomes for individuals with mental health problems.

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    Analysis of EU Survey Suggests Ways to Manage Psychosocial Risks at Work

    Analysis of data collected in the European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks finds that establishments on the whole appear to be taking systemic approaches to the management of psychosocial risks. The size of establishment and country are the strongest determinants of the scope of managing these risks, but management of psychosocial risks in European establishments appears to lag behind the management of general occupational safety and health risks.

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    The Boorman Review: Developing an Evidence Base for NHS Staff Health and Wellbeing

    This review was tasked with developing an evidence base for potential action to improve the health and wellbeing of NHS staff, as well as making practical recommendations for improvements. The review was initiated by the Department of Health and is headed by Dr Steve Boorman. Working in partnership with The Work Foundation and Aston Business School, RAND Europe led on the literature review, staff perception survey, the call for evidence, and the identification of supporting international good practice work.