Building evidence on defence-related skills

Engineer showing apprentice how to use drill in factory

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The skills needed in the defence sector are wide-ranging and vast. The required skills continually change as the European defence landscape itself undergoes continuing change, with challenges and disruption at both the global and regional level.


RAND Europe, in cooperation with Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, has been commissioned by the European Commission to build the evidence base on shortages, gaps and mismatches in defence-related skills. In turn, the research aims to deliver a sectoral skills strategy that is agreed and validated by stakeholders.


To build a fulsome understanding of the defence-related skills landscapes in Europe, the study team reviewed existing literature and is focucing on primary data gathering and analysis.

About the European Defence Skills Partnership

The European Defence Skills Partnership is an industry-led initiative set up for the project to consolidate stakeholder cooperation on skills. Members will work together to validate the project findings and deliver the sectoral strategy with implementation roadmaps. The partnership will recommend solutions for education and training, and for rolling out actions at national and regional levels through the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). They will address synergies with other instruments and tools such as Erasmus+, the European Network of Defence-related Regions etc., and propose concrete measures for after 2020 to improve the defence knowledge and innovation base.