Helping to inform the future of research and innovation in Norway

Geirangerfjord in Norway, a Unesco World Heritage site, photo by MyWorld/Adobe Stock

MyWorld/Adobe Stock

What is the issue?

As part of its current strategy (2020-2024), the Research Council of Norway (RCN) has three primary objectives: ground-breaking research and radical innovation; sustainable development; and restructuring of the business and public sectors. Against this backdrop, RCN has commissioned RAND Europe and DAMVAD to carry out a futures study that will contribute to the development of a robust evidence base for RCN’s input to the revision of the Norwegian government's Long-term Plan for Research and Higher Education 2019-2028.

The study will also help inform RCN’s internal decision making, strategies, and organisational activities. The study will specifically focus on five main strategic areas identified in RCN’s current strategy for the next ten years:

  • Oceans

  • Green transition

  • Health and welfare

  • Cohesion and globalisation

  • Technology and digitalisation

How are we helping?

Our study has three main aims:

  1. Identifying a set of potential priority ‘missions’ or targeted policy actions for each of the five strategic areas that RCN together with other stakeholders could consider implementing in the future
  2. Identifying possible missions that cut across or fall outside the five strategic areas, and
  3. Identifying key structural measures to facilitate the development of a strong and resilient research and innovation environment in Norway.

The research team will adopt a mixed-methods, participatory approach to the research involving a variety of tools such as literature reviews, surveys, expert crowdsourcing, scenario analysis, workshops, and interviews.