'Green' jobs and skills development for disadvantaged groups

Female engineer reviewing maintenance of solar cells, photo by Johnstocker/Adobe Stock

Johnstocker/Adobe Stock

What is the issue?

In recent years, the urgency of the climate crisis and demand for sustainability has led to more job availability in the green economy. These new roles present an opportunity to help increase social inclusion in the sector by equipping vulnerable people with the necessary skills and experiences to be able to access green job opportunities.

Vulnerable groups can include but are not limited to women; older workers (e.g., age 50+); young people (e.g., 16-24 years); people with low levels of education; migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers; and people with disabilities. While much has been written about employment for vulnerable groups, and employment in the green economy, little research exists that bridges these two areas.

How are we helping?

RAND Europe, with philanthropic support from JPMorgan Chase, is conducting research on job opportunities and interventions aimed at developing ‘green skills’ available in 10 selected European cities. By mapping the available jobs and skills landscape in the selected regions, as well as by reviewing the existing literature, this effort will help build evidence by analysing the potential for future jobs and skills demand in the green economy sector for vulnerable populations.

Based on the findings, RAND Europe will draw conclusions and propose applicable recommendations to help strengthen support for vulnerable populations into green jobs.