Economy and national security in the Netherlands

Rotterdam skyline, photo by mihaiulia/Getty Images

mihaiulia/Getty Images


National security is a term that is often understood and expressed by the threats faced by a state, for example from terrorist attacks, however its scope can be broader than that. National security can also be understood as the protection of infrastructure and sectors that are critical for the uninterrupted functioning of a nation’s economy. This interpretation of national security highlights the strong interconnectedness between security and the economy in a system that is complex, interdependent and involves multiple variables.


The Research and Documentation Centre (Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum, WODC) in the Netherlands has commissioned RAND Europe to develop insights into the relationships between the economy and national security, focusing in particular on the characteristics and performance of the economy of the Netherlands and the consequences this may have for its national security.


The study will encompass a range of approaches, including a review of academic and policy documents and the development of an analytical framework, in order to conceptualise the relationship between the economy and national security. Building on the international literature and the conceptual framework, we will then analyse what developments and trends within the global, EU and Dutch national economy can have impact on the national security of the Netherlands and where vulnerabilities may exist within the Dutch system.