Follow-up evaluation of the health and justice outcomes of Liaison and Diversion services

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Liaison and Diversion (L&D) schemes aim to identify people with vulnerabilities such as mental health issues, learning disabilities and substance abuse as they pass through the criminal justice system. Once their needs are identified, individuals can be referred to appropriate interventions or treatment services.


Building on an initial process evaluation looking at the implementation of a new model for L&D schemes, the Department of Health and Social Care commissioned RAND Europe to undertake a second study, this time aiming to look into the outcomes and impact of the schemes. With an expected completion date of late 2019, this study aims to investigate whether the new model for L&D Schemes have an impact on:

  • Reconviction
  • The length of court processes
  • Diversion from the criminal justice system
  • The use of A&E and mental health services


This evaluation will involve the analysis of outcome data about L&D service users’ held in a national database.

Information for participants in the evaluation

Between December 2016 and September 2017, individuals using L&D services were asked to consent to their data being used in the evaluation. If you are an L&D service user who has consented to be part of the trial, more information about your rights can be found in this Privacy Notice.