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  • Data analysis in isometric vector design, illustration by ZinetroN/Adobe Stock


    Use and impact of automated technologies for evidence synthesis in public health

    Because the review of published evidence is a vital but time-consuming aspect of public health decision making, researchers suggest several ways to support the greater use of automation for evidence reviews within public health.

    08 Dec 2022

  • DNA 3D structure editing medicine concept, illustration by LuckyStep/Adobe Stock


    AI at the helm of a species evolution

    The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and biotechnology presents significant opportunities and risks, and proactive policy is needed to manage these emerging technologies. Researchers are investigating the policy implications of the application of AI to genome editing in humans, with technology governance as a cross-cutting theme.

    01 Dec 2022

  • Double exposure of microscope, science equipment glasses, photo by zapp2photo/Adobe Stock


    Evaluating the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

    RAND Europe, with the support of Frontier Economics, is leading a four-year independent evaluation of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, building on evaluations of each of the ISCF Challenges to examine the impact of the ISCF as a whole.

    15 Nov 2022

  • Nuclear power plant and cooling towers, photo by Daniel Prudek/Adobe Stock


    Evaluation of the UK's civil Nuclear Innovation Programme

    RAND Europe is leading a consortium to evaluate whether the Nuclear Innovation Programme has delivered on its intended outputs, how its achievements compare with expectations, and the barriers encountered by the programme in pursuit of its objectives.

    09 Nov 2022

  • Healthcare business graph and medical examination, with stethoscope and businessman in blurred background, photo by ipopba/Adobe Stock


    Exploring the impacts of increasing cost transparency requirements in pharmaceutical R&D

    An independent literature review will analyse evidence to consider the positive and negative impacts on medicines pricing and innovation, and how these should be considered as part of the ongoing transparency and pricing debate.

    11 Oct 2022

  • Quantum computer, photo by Bartek Wróblewski/Adobe Stock


    Applying quantum technologies to the life sciences

    Researchers assessed the global research landscape associated with the development and adoption of quantum technologies in the life sciences, highlighting current developments, opportunities and challenges, initiatives, and activities to help enable the ecosystem in the future.

    05 Oct 2022

  • Holograms of capsule; charts and DNA helix on scientific backdrop, photo by ClaudioVentrella/Getty Images


    Improving How Medicines R&D Is Financed Could Support Innovation and Benefits for Patients

    Tackling chronic and infectious diseases depends to a large extent on the ability to develop innovative and affordable medicines that are available to patients in need. Policymakers will need to tackle challenges from multiple angles to avoid reducing barriers in one area at the expense of exacerbating challenges in another.

    25 Aug 2022

  • Astronaut on a spacewalk outside a space station, photo by Blue Planet Studio/Adobe Stock


    Expert Insights: Future Uses of Space

    In this Expert Insights podcast, James Black and Linda Slapakova discuss the potential uses of space out to 2050, ranging from defence, manufacturing, climate protection, and tourism.

    14 Jul 2022

  • The human Microbiome, genetic material of all the microbes that live on and inside the human body, illustration by Design Cells/Getty Images


    Microbiome-Based Health and Wellness Innovation

    Microbiome research and development may lead to an increasing number of therapeutic and well-being breakthroughs. But regulating microbiota-related products poses a challenge that could require innovative approaches.

    06 Jul 2022

  • A doctor using a pulse oximeter on a patient's finger to measure oxygen saturation, photo by Sabrina Bracher/Getty Images


    Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in Health Care Innovation

    For health care innovations to have the fairest and broadest possible benefit to society, efforts could be made to attend to all stages of the innovation pathway to identify opportunities to mitigate biases through diversity, equality, and inclusion.

    06 Jul 2022

  •  Two Prominent Computer Engineers Working with Programming Software on Personal Computer. In the Background Scientifically Advanced Research Center.


    Exploring the opportunities and challenges of research engagement with China

    An independent and evidence-based study into UK academics' research engagement with China explored how and why UK academics engage with China on joint research activities with the goal of better understanding how UK research organisations manage any resulting risks.

    22 Jun 2022

  • Medical providers running a CT scan, photo by Morsa Images/Getty Images


    When IT Meets Medical Innovation: Regulatory and Policy Challenges for Software as a Medical Device

    The demand for using software to improve health care, including software as a medical device (SaMD), is on the rise. Realizing the potential benefits of the growing demand for SaMD may require clearer and more-consistent regulation of patient safety and medical effectiveness.

    10 Jun 2022

  • An insurance professional reviewing the details of the contract with an elderly man


    The impact of predictive genetic tests on the insurance industry

    Researchers developed a framework for evaluating the potential effects of predictive genetic tests on the UK insurance industry. The framework provides a transparent approach for evaluating whether a specific condition for which a test is available could impact the insurance industry and understanding the key factors that influence this.

    08 Apr 2022

  • Woman wearing a virtual reality headset to explore a mechanical engineering project, photo by Fat Camera/Getty Images


    The Digital Skills Gap: What Workers Need for the Jobs of the Future

    Business leaders have warned for years that what they see on job applications does not match what they need in new employees. There are not enough workers with the right digital skills. And as the world economy struggles to its feet after COVID-19, that skills gap threatens to keep pushing it down.

    01 Mar 2022

  • Benchmarking phrase on face of pocket watch, photo by tashatuvango/Adobe Stock


    Examining proposal evaluation processes used in Horizon 2020

    Broadly speaking, proposal evaluation processes in Horizon 2020 were fair and transparent. However, there may be scope to improve consistency and the feedback provided, and to reduce the burden and conservatism of the process.

    03 Feb 2022