Research Disciplines

The RAND Corporation offers deep expertise and sophisticated analytical tools developed over nearly 60 years in working on the critical problems of the day. RAND is uniquely qualified to offer our clients a range of services including data collection, data modeling, statistical analysis, and methodological research in the following disciplines:

  • Arts and letters
  • Behavioral sciences
  • Business
  • Computer sciences
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Information sciences
  • International relations
  • Law
  • Life sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Operations research
  • Physical sciences
  • Policy analysis
  • Political science
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Survey research

Additional online resources are available for the following disciplines:

RAND Economics Group

The RAND Economics group studies a wide range of issues that often involves developing new models or collecting new data.

Economist Biographies

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RAND Sociology Group

Sociologists apply theoretical perspectives and methodological tools to RAND projects to help elucidate the role of social context and social actions.

Sociologist Biographies

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RAND Statistics Group

The RAND Statistics group provides expertise in design, sampling, measurement, statistical computing, and the most current statistical analysis techniques.

Statistician Biographies

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RAND Survey Research Group

The RAND Survey Research group offers innovative survey planning, data collection, and methodological research.

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