Statistics Group Publications from 2003

2003 Publications

  • Analysis of Case-Mix Strategies and Recommendations for 2000 Medicare Fee-for-Service CAHPS 2003

    Elliott MN , Hambarsoomian K , Edwards C, Solomon M.

    DRU-2937-CMS. RAND.

  • An Assessment Tool Translation Study 2003

    Buchanan JL, Andres P, Haley SM, Paddock SM , Zaslavsky A.

    Health Care Financing Review 24(3) 45-60.

  • A Bayesian Instrumental Variables Analysis With a Categorical Endogenous Covariate 2003

    Paddock SM.

    Proceedings of the 2003 Joint Statistical Meetings of the American Statistical Association, 3160-3162.

  • Case-Mix Adjustment. Implementation of Medicare CAHPS Fee-for-Service Survey 2003

    Elliott MN.

    Final Report for the 2001 Survey, 39-42.

  • Entertainment Television as a Healthy Sex-Educator: Condom-Efficacy in an Episode of Friends 2003

    Collins RL, Elliott MN , Berry S, Kanouse DE, Hunter S.

    Pediatrics 112(5) 1115-1121.

  • Final Report to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality on Racial/Ethnic Differences in CAHPS Ratings and Reports. 2003

    Weech-Maldonado R, Morales LM, Elliott MN , Hays RD.


  • Final Task 9 Report: 2001 Analysis of Case-Mix Strategies and Recommendations for Medicare-Fee-for-Service CAHPS. 2003

    Elliott MN , Hambarsoomian K , Edwards C.

    DRU-2938-CMS. RAND.

  • Improving Dispute Resolution for Jcalifornia's Injured Workers: Executive Summary 2003

    Pace NM, Reville RT, Galway LA , Geller A, Hayden O, Hill LA, Mardesich C, Neuhauser F, Polich SM, Yeom J, Zakaras L.

  • A Mental Health Intervention for Schoolchildren Exposed to Violence. a Randomized Controlled Trial 2003

    Stein BD, Jaycox LH, Kataoka SH, Wong M, Tu W, Elliott MN , Fink A.

    JAMA 290(5) 603-611.

  • A Model-Free Test for Reduced Rank in Multivariate Regression 2003

    Cook RD and Setodji CM.

    JASA 98(462) 340-351.

  • Modeling Arsenic Exposure and Health Risks in U.S. Drinking Water Supplies 2003

    Adak P, Gurian P, Lockwood JR.

    Proceedings of Texas Water 2003.

  • Multiple Edit/Multiple Imputation for Continuous Multivariate Survey Data 2003

    Ghosh-Dastidar B and Schafer JL.

    Journal of the American Statistical Association 98(464) December.

  • New Inroads in Preventing Adolescent Drug Use: Results from a Large-Scale Trial of Project Alert in Middle Schools 2003

    Ellickson PE, McCaffrey DM , Ghosh-Dastidar B , and Longshore DL.

    American Journal of Public Health 93(11) 1830-1836, November.

  • Online Commentary During the Physical Examination: a Communication Tool for Avoiding Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing? 2003

    Mangione-Smith R, Stivers T, Elliott MN , McDonald L, Heritage J.

    Social Science and Medicine 56(2) 313-320.

  • Patterns and Correlates of HIV Testing Among Sheltered and Low-Income Housed Women in Los Angeles County 2003

    Tucker JS, Wenzel SL, Elliott MN , Hambarsoomian K , Golinelli D.

    Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 34(4) 415-422.

  • Problem-Oriented Reporting. Implementation of Medicare CAHPS Fee-for-Service Survey 2003

    Elliott MN.

    Final Report for the 2001 Survey, 69-72.

  • Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Language CAHPS 2.0 Core Survey 2003

    Morales LM, Weech-Maldonado R, Elliott MN , Weidmer B, Hays RD.

    Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science 25(3) 386-409.

  • Race/Ethnicity, Language and Patients' Assessments of Care in Medicaid Managed Care 2003

    Health Services Research 38 789-808.

    Weech-Maldonado R, Morales LM, and Elliott MN.

  • Sample Selection and Weighting. Implementation of Medicare CAHPS Fee-for-Service Survey 2003

    Iannacchione VG, Elliott MN , Campbell LN, Lance T.

    Final Report for the 2001 Survey, 23-28.

  • Sampling Patients Within and Across Health Care Providers: Multi-Stage Non-nested Samples in Health Services Research 2003

    Adams JL , Schonlau M , Escarce J, Kilgore M, Schoenbaum M, Goldman DP.

    Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology 4(3) 151-167.

  • Sampling with Field Burden Constraints: an Application to Sheltered Homeless and Low-Income Housed Women 2003

    Elliott MN , Golinelli D , Hambarsoomian K , Perlman JR, Becker K, Anderson KG, Kollross C, Wenzel SL.

    DRU-3057-NIDA. RAND.

  • Spinal Manipulation for Low Back Pain: Meta-Analysis of Effectiveness Relative To Other therapies 2003

    Assendelft WJJ, Morton SC , Yu EI, Suttorp M , Shekelle PG.

    Ann Int Med 138 871-881.

  • Using R for Estimating Longitudinal Student Achievement Models 2003

    Lockwood JR , Doran H, and McCaffrey DF.

    The R Newsletter 3(3) 17-23.

  • Visualizing Categorical Data Arising in the Health Sciences Using Hammock Plots 2003

    Schonlau M.

    In Proceedings of the Section on Statistical Graphics, American Statistical Association CD-ROM.

  • A Workshop on Doctoral Education in Epidemiology 2003

    Samet JM, Stoto MA, Arcara C, eds.

    American College of Epidemiology and the Association of Schools of Public Health.

  • Why do Physicians Think Parents Expect Antibiotics? What Parents Report vs What Physicians Believe 2003

    Stivers T, Mangione-Smith R, Elliott MN , McDonald L, Heritage J.

    Journal of Family Practice 52(2) 140-148.