Statistics Group Publications from 2004

2004 Publications

  • Abuse in the Close Relationships of People with HIV 2004

    Galvan, F.H., Collins, R., Burnam, M.A., Kanouse, D.E., Paddock, S.M., Beckman, R., Mitchell, S

    Aids & Behavior, 8(4), 441-451.

  • The Allan Variance as an Estimator for the Long-Memory Parameter 2004

    Schmidt L, Skinner J

    Proceedings of the 36th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) Systems and Applications Meeting, Washington, DC, December 2004.

  • Analysis of Contaminant Co-Occurrence in Community Water Systems 2004

    Lockwood JR, Schervish MJ, Gurian PL, Small MJ.

    Journal of the American Statistical Association 99(465) 36-44.

  • The Applicability of the Consumer Assessments of Health Plans Survey (CAHPS(R)) to Preferred Provider Organizations in the United States: a discussion of industry concerns 2004

    Morales LS, Elliott MN, Brown J, Rahn C, Hays RD.

    The International Journal for Quality in Health Care 16(3) 219-27.

  • Assessing Nationwide Cost-Benefit Implications of Multi-Contaminant Drinking Water Standards 2004

    Gurian PL, Small MJ, Lockwood JR, Schervish MJ.

    Journal of the American Water Works Association 96(3) 70-83.

  • Attempting to Adjust for Selection Bias in Web Surveys With Propensity Scores: the Case of the Health And Retirement Survey (HRS) 2004

    Schonlau M., Van Soest A, Couper M, Winter J, Kapteyn

    In Proceedings of the Section on Survey Statistics, American Statistical Association; 2004, CD-ROM

  • Career Paths of School Administrators in Illinois: Insights from an Analysis of State Data 2004

    Ringel J, Gates SM, Ghosh-Dastidar B, with Brown a and Chung C.

  • Career Paths of School Administrators in North Carolina: Insights from an Analysis of State Data 2004

    Gates SM, Guarino C, Santibañez L, Ghosh-Dastidar B with Brown a and Chung C.

  • A Comparison Between a Propensity Weighted Web Survey And an Identical Rdd Survey 2004

    Schonlau M, Zapert K, Payne Simon L, Sanstad K, Marcus S, Adams J, Spranca M, Kan H-J, Turner R, Berry S

    Soc Sci Comput Rev. 2004;22(1).

  • Comparison of Quality of Care for Patients in the Veterans Health Administration And Patients in a National Sample 2004

    Asch SM, McGlynn EA, Hogan MM, Hayward RA, Shekelle P, Rubenstein L, Keesey J, Adams J, Kerr EA

    Ann Intern Med. 2004; 141(12):938-945.

  • Discussion of “Least Angle Regression” by B. Efron, T. Hastie, I. Johnstone, and R. Tibshirani 2004

    Madigan D and Ridgeway G.

    Annals of Statistics 32(2).

  • Does Alcohol Advertising Promote Adolescent Drinking? Results from a Longitudinal Assessment 2004

    Ellickson, P., Collins, R., Hambarsoomians, K., McCaffrey, D.

    Addiction, 100, 235-246, 2004

  • Emotional and Behavioral Impact of Terrorism on Children: Results from a National Survey 2004

    Stein BD, Jaycox LH, Elliot MN, Collins RL, Berry SH, Marshall GN, Klein DJ, Schuster MA

    Applied Developmental Science. 8(4): 184-194.

  • Evaluating Disease Management Program Effectiveness: an Introduction To Survival Analysis 2004

    Linden A, Adams JL, Roberts N

    Dis Manag. 2004 Fall;7(3):180-90.

  • Evaluating the Planned Substitution of the Minimum Data Set-Post Acute Care for Use in the Rehabilitation Hospital Prospective Payment System. 2004

    Buchanan JL, Andres P, Haley SM, Paddock SM, Zaslavsky A.

    Medical Care 42(2) 155-163.

  • Generalizing Disease Management Program Results: How To Get from Here To there 2004

    Linden A, Adams JL, Roberts N

    Manag Care Interface. 2004;17(7):38-45.

  • Health Plan Effects on Patient Assessments of Medicaid Managed Care among Racial/Ethnic Minorities 2004

    Weech-Maldonado R, Elliott MN, Morales LS, Spritzer K, Marshall GN, Hays RD

    Journal of General Internal Medicine. 19(2) 136-145.

  • Identifying and Accommodating Statistical Outliers when Setting Prospective Payment Rates for Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities 2004

    Paddock, S.M., Wynn, B.O., Carter, G.M., and Beeuwkes Buntin, M

    Health Services Research, 39(6), 1859-1880.

  • Integrated Logistics Planning for the Air and Space Expeditionary Force 2004

    Amouzegar, MA, Tripp, RS, Galway, LA.

    J. of the Operational Research Society 55 422-430.

  • Interpersonal Violence, Substance Use, and HIV-Related Behavior and Cognitions: a Prospective Study of Impoverished Women in Los Angeles County 2004

    Tucker JS, Wenzel S, Elliott MN, Marshall G, Williamson S

    AIDS and Behavior, 8(4): 463-474.

  • Interventions for the Prevention of Falls in Older Adults: Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials 2004

    Chang JT, Morton SC, Rubenstein LZ, Mojica WA, Maglione MA, Suttorp MJ, Roth EA, Shekelle PG.

    BMJ 328(7441) 680-687 [C1].

  • The Interview Mode Effect on the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CES-D) Scale: an Item Response theory Analysis 2004

    Chan, K., Orlando, M., Ghosh-Dastidar, B., Sherbourne, C. and Duan, N.

    Medical Care, 42[3], 281-289, Mar. 2004.

  • Let's See More Empirical Studies on Value-Added Modeling of Teacher Effects: a Reply to Raudenbush, Rubin, Stuart and Zanutto, and Reckase 2004

    McCaffrey D, Lockwood J.R., Koretz D, Louis T, Hamilton L.

    Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 29(1) 139-143. Spring 2004

  • Local Variation in Public Health Preparedness: Lessons from California 2004

    Lurie N, Wasserman J, Stoto M, Myers S, Namkung P, Fielding J, Burciaga Valdez R.

    Health Affairs. (web exclusive on June 2, 2004).

  • Measuring Quality in Arthritis Care: Methods for Developing the Arthritis Foundation's Quality Indicator Set 2004

    MacLean CH, Saag K, Solomon DH, Morton SC, Sampsel S, Klippel JH.

    Arthritis Care & Res 51(2).

  • Meta-Regression Approaches: What, Why, When, and How? 2004

    Morton SC, Adams JL, Suttorp MG, Shekelle PG

    Technical Review 8 (Prepared by Southern California-RAND Evidence-based Practice Center, under Contract No 290-97-0001), AHRQ Publication No. 04-0033, Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, March 2004.

  • Modeling the Attrition of Military Pilots 2004

    Elliott MN, Kapur K, Gresenz C

  • Modeling Treatment Decisions, Costs, And Risk Implications of Regulations for the Us Water Supply Industry 2004

    Gurian PL, Small MJ, Lockwood JR, and Schervish MJ

    Proceedings of the Engineering Systems Symposium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge , MA.

  • Models for Value-Added Modeling of Teacher Effects 2004

    McCaffrey D, Lockwood J.R., Koretz D, Louis T, Hamilton L.

    Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 29(1) 67-101. Spring 2004

  • Modifying Pro-Drug Risk Factors in Adolescents: Results from Project ALERT 2004

    Health Education & Behavior 31(3) 331-334, June.

    Ghosh-Dastidar B, Longshore DL, Ellickson PE, McCaffrey DM.

  • A National Longitudinal Study of the Psychological Consequences of the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks 2004

    Stein BD, Elliott MN, Jaycox LH, Collins RL, Berry SH, Klein DJ, Schuster, MA

    Psychiatry, 67(2): 105-117.

  • Noncoverage and Nonresponse in an Internet Survey 2004

    Couper M, Kapteyn A, Schonlau M Winter J

    In Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33) Amsterdam, August 2004.

  • Physical Violence Against Impoverished Women: a Longitudinal Analysis of Risk And Protective Factors 2004

    Wenzel SL, Tucker JS, Elliott MN, Marshall GN, Williamson SL

    Women's Health Issues, 14 (5): 144-54.

  • Physician Recognition of Cognitive Impairment: Evaluating the Need for Improvement 2004

    Chodosh J, Petitti DB, Elliott MN, Hays RD, Crooks VC, Reuben DB, Buckwalter JG, Wenger N

    Journal of American Geriatrics Society, 52:1051-59.

  • Prevalence and Co-Occurrence of Violence, Substance Use and Disorder, and HIV Risk Behavior: a Comparison of Sheltered vs. Low-Income Housed Women in Los Angeles County 2004

    Wenzel SL, Tucker JS, Elliott MN, Hambarsoomian K, Perlman J, Becker K, Kollross C, Golinelli D

    Preventive Medicine, 39, 617-624.

  • The Price and Purity of Illicit Drugs: 1981 through the Second Quarter of 2003 2004

    Caulkins, J., Pacula, R.L., Arkes, J., Reuter, P., Paddock, S., Iguchi, M., and Riley, J

    Office of National Drug Control Policy, Washington DC: Executive Office of the President (Publication Number NCJ 207768).

  • Process Evaluation of Project Public Health Ready 2004

    Prepared for the National Association of County and City Health Officials

    Myers S, Stoto MA.

  • Profiling Quality of Care: Is there a Role for Peer Review? 2004

    Hofer TP, Asch SM, Hayward RA, Rubenstein LV, Hogan MM, Adams JL, Kerr EA

    BMC Health Serv Res. 2004 May 19;4:9.

  • Profiling the Quality of Care in Twelve Communities: Results from the CQI Study 2004

    Kerr EA, McGlynn EA, Adams JL, Keesey J, Asch SM

    Health Aff (Millwood). 2004 May-Jun;23(3):247-56.

  • Propensity Score Estimation with Boosted Regression for Evaluating Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment 2004

    McCaffrey D, Ridgeway G, Morral A.

    Psychological Methods 9(4).

  • Propensity Score Estimation with Boosted Regression for Evaluating Causal Effects in Observational Studies 2004

    McCaffrey, D., Ridgeway, G. Morral, A.

    Psychological Methods, 9(4), 403-425, 2004

  • Public Health Preparedness in California: Lessons Learned from Seven Health 2004

    Lurie N, Burciaga Valdez R, Wasserman J, Stoto M, Myers S, Molander R, Mussington D, Solomon V, Asch SM.

  • Public Involvement in Community Health Improvement 2004

    Stoto MA.

    Cross-disciplinary Public Involvement Report. National Charrette Institute.

  • The Quality of Pharmacologic Care for Vulnerable Older Patients 2004

    Higashi T, Shekelle PG, Solomon DH, Knight EL, Roth C, Chang JT, Kamberg CJ, MacLean CH, Young RT, Adams JL, Reuben DB, Avorn J, Wenger NS

    Ann Int Med. 2004;140:714-20.

  • Racial/Ethnic Variation in Parent Expectations for Antibiotics: Implications for Public Health Campaigns 2004

    Mangione-Smith R, Elliott MN, Stivers T, McDonald L, Heritage J, McGlynn EA

    Pediatrics 113(5) e385-394.

  • Sampling Patients Within And Across Health Care Providers: Multi-Stage Non-Nested Samples in Health Services Research 2004

    Adams JL, Schonlau M, Escarce JJ, Kilgore M, Schoenbaum M, Goldman DP

    Health Serv Outcomes Res Methodol. 2004;4(3): 151-167.

  • Sexual Victimization Among a National Probability Sample of Adolescent Women 2004

    Raghavan R, Bogart L, Elliott MN, Vestal KD, Schuster MA

    Perspectives in Sexual and Reproductive Health, 36(6): 225-232.

  • Social Control of Health Behaviors: a Comparison of Young, Middle-Aged, And Older Adults 2004

    Tucker JS, Klein DJ, Elliott MN

    Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 59B, P147-P150.

  • Sociodemographic Differences in Use of Preventive Services By Women Enrolled in Medicare+Choice Plans 2004

    Morales LS, Rogowski J, Freedman VA, Wickstrom SL, Adams JL, Escarce JJ

    Prev Med. 2004;39(4):738-45.

  • Socioeconomic Disparities in the Use of Home Health Services in a Medicare Managed Care Population 2004

    Freedman VA, Rogowski J, Wickstrom SL, Adams JL, Marainen J, Escarce JJ

    Health Serv Res 2004;39:1277-1297.

  • Socioeconomic Status and Medical Care Expenditures in Medicare Managed Care 2004

    Kapur K, Rogowski JA, Freedman VA, Wickstrom SL, Adams JL, Escarce JJ

    National Bureau of Economic Research, NBER Working Paper 10757, Sept 2004, 35 pages

  • Specificity And Sensitivity of Claims-Based Algorithms for Identifying Members of Medicare+Choice Health Plans That Have Chronic Medical Conditions 2004

    Rector TS, Wickstrom SL, Shah M, Greenlee NT, Rheault P, Rogowski J, Freedman V, Adams JL, Escarce JJ

    Health Serv Res. 2004;39(6):1839-1857.

  • Strategies for Gene therapy Targeting Hematopoietic Stem Cells 2004

    Abkowitz JL, Golinelli D, Guttorp P.

    Molecular therapy 9 566-576.

  • Syndromic Surveillance: Is it Worth the Effort? 2004

    Stoto M, Schonlau M, Mariano L.

    Chance 17(1) 19-24.

  • Technical Report for the Price and Purity of Illicit Drugs Through 2003 2004

    Arkes, J., Pacula, R.L., Paddock, S., Caulkins, J., and Reuter, P

    Office of National Drug Control Policy, Washington DC: Executive Office of the President (Publication Number NCJ 207769).

  • Use of Preventive Services By Men Enrolled in Medicare+Choice Plans 2004

    Morales LS, Rogowski J, Freedman VA, Wickstrom SL, Adams JL, Escarce JJ

    Am J Public Health. 2004;94(5):796-802.

  • Using an Empirical Method for Establishing Clinical Outcome Targets in Disease Management Programs 2004

    Linden A, Adams JL Roberts N

    Dis Manag. 2004 Summer;7(2): 93-101

  • Visualizing Hierarchical and Non-Hierarchical Cluster Analyses with Clustergrams 2004

    Schonlau M.

    Computational Statistics 19(1) 95-111.

  • Watching Sex on TV Affects Adolescent Initiation of Sexual Behavior 2004

    Collins RL, Elliott MN, Berry S, Kanouse DE, Kunkel D, Hunter S

    Pediatrics Electronic Pages, 114: e280-289.

  • What We Can And Cannot Expect from School-Based Drug Prevention 2004

    Caulkins JP, Pacula RL, Paddock S, Chiesa J.

    Drug and Alcohol Review 23 79-87.