Statistics Group Publications from 2005

2005 Publications

  • Accuracy of Cancer Registry Data When Treatment Is in the Ambulatory Setting: Implications for Quality Measurement — 2005

    Malina JL, Kwanb L, Adam J, Laourid M, Ganze PA

    J Regist Manage 2005;32(1):21-7.

  • Bayesian IRT Model for Comparative Item Performance under Dual Administration Modes — 2005

    2005 Proceedings of the American Statistical Association

    Mariano LT, Orlando M, Ghosh-Dastidar B A

  • Bayesian Methods for Scalable Multi-Subject Value-Added Assessment — 2005

    Lockwood, J.R., McCaffrey, D.F., Mariano, L.T. and Setodji, C.

    Under revision for: Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics

  • Challenges for Value-Added Assessment of Teacher Effects — 2005

    McCaffrey, D., Lockwood, J.R., Mariano, L. and Sedodji, C.

    In R. Lissitz, (ed.) Value Added Models in Education: theory and Applications. Maple Grove, MN: JAM Press 2005

  • Comparison of Medicare Spending and Outcomes for Beneficiaries with Lower Extremity Joint Replacements — 2005

    Beeuwkes Buntin, M., Partha, D., Escarce, J., Hoverman, C., Paddock, S., Sood, N

  • Developmental Considerations for Substance Use Interventions from Middle School Through College — 2005

    D'Amico EJ, Ellickson PL, Wagner EF, Turrisi R, fromme K, Ghosh-Dastidar B, Longshore DL, McCaffrey DF, Montgomery MJ, Schonlau M, Wright D

    Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 2005; 29, (3) : 474-482.

  • Does the Collaborative Model Improve Care for Chronic Heart Failure? — 2005

    Asch SM, Baker D, Keesey J, Broder M, Schonlau M, Rosen M, Wallace P, Keeler E

    Medical Care 43(7): 667-675

  • Evaluating Statistical Methods for Syndromic Surveillance — 2005

    Stoto MA, Fricker RD, Jain A, Davies-Cole JO, Glymph C, Kidane G, Lum G, Jones L, Yuan C.

    forthcoming in Statistical Methods in Counter-Terrorism, Wilson A, Olwell D, eds., ASA-SIAM, 2005.

  • An Evaluation of an Adult Asthma BTS Collaborative and the Effect of Patient Self-Management, Annals of Family Medicine — 2005

    Schonlau M, Mangione-Smith R, Rosen M, Chan K, Louis T, Wu S, Keeler E

    Ann Fam Med 2005 3: 200-208.

  • Fitting Value-Added Models in R — 2005

    Doran HC and Lockwood JR

    Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 31(2): 205-230

  • How Do Ethnicity and Primary Language Spoken at Home Affect Management Practices and Outcomes in Children with Asthma? — 2005

    Chan K, Keeler E, Schonlau M, Rosen M, Mangione-Smith R

    Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. 2005; 159 (Mar): 283-289.

  • How Much is Post-Acute Care Use Affected by Its Availability? — 2005

    Beeuwkes Buntin M., Datar Garten A., Paddock S.M., Saliba D., Totten M., Escarce J.J.

    Health Services Research, 40(2), 413-434.

  • Identification of and Guidance for Problem Drinking by General Medical Providers: Results from a National Survey — 2005

    D'Amico, E.J, Paddock, S.M., Burnam, A., and Kung, F-Y

    Medical Care, 43(3), 229-236

  • Improving GPS Situational Awareness — 2005

    Schmidt L, Hura M

    Proceedings of the Institute of Navigation (ION) National Technical Meeting, San Diego, CA.

  • Improving Quality of Care: How the VA Outpaces Other Systems in Delivering Patient Care — 2005

    Asch SM, McGlynn EA, Hogan MM, Hayward RA, Shekelle PG, Rubenstein LV, Keesey J, Adams JL, Kerr EA

  • Imputation of SF-12 Health Scores for Respondents with Partially Missing Data — 2005

    Liu H, Hays RD, Adams J, Chen W-P, Tisnado D, Mangione CM, Damberg CL, Kahn KL

    Health Serv Res. 2005;40(3):905-21.

  • In Their Own Words: Lessons Learned from Those Exposed to Anthrax — 2005

    Blanchard JC, Haywood Y, Stein BD, Tanielian TL, Stoto MA, Lurie N.

    AJPH, 2005; 95: 489-495.

  • Is There Gender Bias in Federal Grant Programs? — 2005

    Hosek SD, Cox AG, Ghosh-Dastidar B, Kofner A, Ramphal N, Scott J and Berry SH

  • Learning from Experience: The Public Health Response to West Nile Virus, SARS, Monkeypox, and Hepatitis a outbreaks in the United States — 2005

    Stoto MA, Dausey D, Davis L, Leuschner K, Lurie N, Myers SS, Olmsted S, Ricci K, Ridgely S, Sloss E, Wasserman J.

  • MCMC Strategies for Computing Bayesian Predictive Densities for Censored Multivariate Data — 2005

    Lockwood JR and Schervish MJ

    Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 14(2): 395-414.

  • Measuring Developmental Changes in Alcohol Expectancies — 2005

    Schell, T., Martino, S., Ellickson, P., Collins, R.L., McCaffrey D.

    Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 19, 217-220, 2005

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of a Collaborative for Quality Improvement in Pediatric Asthma Care: Does Implementing the Chronic Care Model Improve Processes and Outcomes of Care? — 2005

    Mangione-Smith R, Schonlau M, Rosen M, Chan K, Louis T, Keeler E

    Ambulatory Pediatrics. 2005; 5 (2): 75-82.

  • Measuring the Quality of Testing for Group a Streptococcal Pharyngitis in Five U.S. Health Plans — 2005

    Mangione-Smith R, Wong L, Elliott MN, McDonald L, Roski J

    Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 159:491-497.

  • Mediation Analysis of a School-Based Drug Prevention Program: Effects of Project ALERT — 2005

    Orlando, M., Ellickson, P., McCaffrey, D., Longshore, D.

    Prevention Science, 6(1), 35 - 46, 2005

  • Need for Eye Care Among Older Adults with Diabetes Mellitus in Fee-for-Service and Managed Medicare — 2005

    Brown AF, Jiang L, Fong DS, Gutierrez PR, Coleman AL, Lee PP, Adams J, Mangione CM

    Arch Ophthalmol. 2005;123(5):669-675.

  • Panel on Research and Development Statistics at the National Science Foundation: Measuring Research and Development Expenditures in the U.S. Economy — 2005

    Brown LD, Adams JL, Cohen WM, Gault F, Hakes J, Hall BH, Hill CT, Klepper S, Lerner J, Lev B, McDonald G, Schaeffer NC, Valliant R.

    Brown LD, Plewes TJ, Gerstein MA, eds. Washington, DC: National Academy Press; 2005

  • Partnering with Local Experts to Recruit a Probability Sample of a Cambodian Community — 2005

    Perlman J, Elliott MN, Marshall GN

    2004 Proceedings of the Statistics Canada Conference on Survey Methodology

  • Population Health Monitoring — 2005

    Stoto MA

    In Health Statistics: Shaping Health Policy and Practice, Friedman DJ, Hunter EL, Parrish RG, eds., Oxford University Press, 2005

  • Preparedness Training and Assessment Exercises for Local Health Departments — 2005

    Dausey DJ, Lurie N, Diamond A, Meade B, Molander R, Ricci K, Stoto M, Wasserman J.

  • Prevalence of Substance Abuse Among White and American Indian Young Adolescents in a Northern Plains State — 2005

    Spear, S., Longshore, D., McCaffrey, D., Ellickson, P.

    Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 37(1), 1 - 6, 2005

  • Quality of Care for Hypertension in the United States — 2005

    Asch SM, McGlynn EA, Hiatt L, Adams J, Hicks J, DeCristofaro A, Chen R, LaPuerta P, Kerr E

    BMC Cardiovasc Disord. 2005;5:1

  • Saturated in Beer: Awareness of Beer Advertising inLate Childhood and Adolescence — 2005

    Collins, R., Ellickson, P., McCaffrey, D., Hambarsoomians, K.

    Journal of Adolescent Health, 27, 29-36, 2005

  • Syndromic Surveillance — 2005

    Stoto MA

    Issues in Science and Technology, 21:49-56, 2005

  • Tests to Evaluate Public Health Disease Reporting Systems in Local Public Health Agencies — 2005

    Dausey DJ, Lurie N, Diamond A, Meade B, Molander R, Ricci K, Stoto M, Wasserman J.

  • Using Tabletop Exercises to Assess Public Health Preparedness — 2005

    Stoto MA, Myers SS, Dausey D, Lurie N, Wasserman J.

    forthcoming in NACCHO book on public health preparedness.