Statistics Group Publications from 2006

2006 Publications

  • Access to Care and Health-Related Quality of Life for Children in the California State Children's Health Insurance Program: A Two-Year Prospective Cohort Study 2006

    Seid M, Varni JW, Cummings L, Schonlau M

    Journal of Pediatrics 149(3):354-361

  • Alcohol Outlets, Gonorrhea, and the Los Angeles Civil Unrest: A Longitudinal Analysis 2006

    Cohen D, Ghosh-Dastidar B. et al

    Social Science and Medicine 62(12):3062-71

  • Analysis of Failure Time Data Arising from Studies with Alternating Treatment Schedules 2006

    Griffin BA and Lagakos S

    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 101(474): 510-520

  • Are Finite Population Corrections Appropriate when Profiling Institutions? 2006

    Elliott MN, Zaslavsky AM, Cleary PD

    Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology 6(304): 153-156

  • Assessing the Effect of Race Bias in Post-Traffic Stop Outcomes Using Propensity Scores 2006

    Ridgeway G

    Journal of Quantitative Criminology 22(1): 1-29

  • Bayesian Inference in a Hidden Stochastic Two-Compartment Model for Feline Hematopoiesis 2006

    Golinelli D, Guttorp P, Abkowitz JL

    Math Med Biol. 2006;23(3):153-72

  • Challenges in the Evaluation and Implementation of School-Based Prevention and Intervention Programs on Sensitive Topics 2006

    Jaycox, LH, McCaffrey DF, Weidmar-Ocampo B, Shelley GA, Blake SM, Peterson DJ, Richmond LS, Kub, JE

    American Journal of Evaluation 27(3): 320

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention to Enhance Adherence to ART: A Randomized Controlled Trial (CCTG 578) 2006

    Wagner GJ, Kanouse DE, Golinelli D, Miller LG, Daar ES, Witt MD, Diamond C, Tilles JG, Kemper CA, Larsen R, Goicoechea M, Haubrich RH, and the California Collaborative Treatment Group (CCTG)

    AIDS 20(9):1295-1302

  • Comparison of Administrative Data and Medical Records to Measure the Quality of Medical Care Provided to Vulnerable Older Patients. 2006

    MacLean CH, Louie R, Shekelle PG, Roth CP, Saliba D, Higashi T, Adams J, Chang JT, Kamberg CJ, Solomon DH, Young RT, Wenger NS

    Med Care 44(2): 141-148

  • Consumer-Directed Health Care: Early Evidence about Effects on Cost and Quality 2006

    Beeuwkes-Buntin M, Damberg C, Haviland A et al.

    Health Affairs 25(6): 516-530

  • The Criminal Purchase of Firearm Ammunition in Los Angeles, California 2006

    Tita G, Braga A, Ridgeway G, Pierce G

    Injury Prevention 12(5): 308-311

  • The Design of a Multilevel Survey of Children, Families and Communities: The Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey 2006

    Sastry N, Ghosh-Dastidar B, Adams J and Pebley A

    Social Science Research 35 (4): 1000-1024

  • Differences in Individual-Level Terrorism Preparedness in Los Angeles County. 2006

    Eisenman DP, Wold C, Fielding J, Long A, Setodji C, Hickey S, Gelberg L

    Am J Prev Med 2006;30(1):1-6

  • Does the Concordance between Medical Records and Patient Self-Report Vary with Patient Characteristics? 2006

    Tisnado DM, Adams JL, Liu H, Damberg CL, Hu FA, Chen WP, Carlisle DM, Mangione CM, Kahn KL

    Health Serv Outcomes Res Methodol 2006:6(3/4): 157-175

  • Estimating Probit Models with Self-Selected Treatments 2006

    Bhattacharya J, Goldman D, McCaffrey DF

    Statistics in Medicine, 25(3): 389_413

  • Evaluating Disease Management Programme Effectiveness: An Introduction to Instrumental Variables 2006

    Linden A, Adams J

    J Eval Clin Pract. 2006 12 (2): 148–154

  • Evaluating Disease Management Programme Effectiveness: An Introduction to the Regression Discontinuity Design 2006

    Linden A, Adams J, Roberts N

    J Eval Clin Pract. 12:124

  • Evaluating Program Effectiveness Using the Regression Point Displacement Design 2006

    Linden A, Trochim WMK, Adams JL

    Eval Health Prof. 2006 29(4): 407

  • Flexible Distributions for Triple-Goal Estimates in Two-Stage Hierarchical Models 2006

    Paddock SM , Ridgeway G, Lin R, Louis TA

    Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 50(11): 3243--3262

  • The Health Effects of Medicare for the Near-Elderly Uninsured 2006

    Polsky D, Doshi JA, Escarce J, Manning W, Paddock SM, Cen L, Rogowski J

    NBER Working Paper No. 12511

  • Impact of a School-Based Dating Violence Prevention Program among Latino Teens: Randomized Controlled Effectiveness Trial 2006

    Jaycox L, McCaffrey DF, Eiseman B, Aronoff J, Shelley G, Collins R, Marshall G

    Journal of Adolescent Health, 39(5): 694-704

  • The Impact of Technology on the Scientific Method 2006

    Ghosh-Dastidar B and Paddock SM

    Chance 18(4):4-8

  • Improving Care for Depression in Patients with Comorbid Substance Misuse 2006

    Watkins KE, Paddock SM, Zhang L, Wells K

    American Journal of Psychiatry 163:125-132

  • Improved Hypothesis Testing for Coefficients in Generalized Estimating Equations with Small Samples of Clusters 2006

    McCaffrey DF and Bell R

    Satistics in Medicine 25: 4081-4098, 2006

  • Loss Function Based Ranking in Two-Stage, Hierarchical Models 2006

    Lin R, Louis TA, Paddock SM and Ridgeway G

    Bayesian Analysis 1(4): 915-946

  • National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and School-Based Drug Prevention: Evidence for a Synergistic Effect in ALERT Plus 2006

    Longshore DL, Ghosh-Dastidar B and Ellickson PE

    Addictive Behaviors 31(3): 496-508

  • Outlier Detection and Editing Procedures for Continuous Multivariate Survey Data 2006

    Ghosh-Dastidar B and Schafer JL

    Journal of Official Statistics 22(3): 487-506

  • Patients' Global Ratings of their Health Care are not Associated with the Technical Quality of their Care 2006

    Chang JT, Hays RD, Shekelle PG, MacLean CH, Solomon DH, Reuben DB, Roth CP, Kamberg CJ, Adams J, Young RT, Wenger NS.

    Annals of Internal Medicine 144(9): 665-672

  • Peer and Family Influences on Adolescent Anger Expression and the Acceptance of Cross-Gender Aggression 2006

    Quigley D, Jaycox L, McCaffrey DF, Marshall G

    Violence and Victims 21(5)

  • Police-Community Relations in Cincinnati: Year Two Evaluation Report 2006

    Ridgeway G, Schell T, Riley KJ ,Turner S, and Dixon TL

  • Policies and Practices Related to Breastfeeding in Massachusetts: Hospital Implementation of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding 2006

    Grizzard T, Bartick M, Nikolov M, Griffin BA, and Lee K

    Maternal and Child Health Journal, May 2006, Pages 1 - 17, DOI 10.1007/s10995-005-0065-8

  • Poverty and Response to Treatment Among Panic Disorder Patients in Primary Care 2006

    Roy-Byrne PP, Sherbourne CD, Miranda J, Stein MB, Craske MG, Golinelli D, Sullivan JG

    Am J Psychiatry 2006;163(8): 1-7

  • Predictors and Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction in a Racially Diverse Population 2006

    Saigal CS, Wessells H, Pace J, Schonlau M, Wilt T, and the Urologic Diseases in America Project

    Archives of Internal Medicine 2006 Jan 23; 166(2):207-12

  • Project ALERT Plus may Leverage the Effect of National Youth Media Drug Campaign 2006

    Longshore DL, Ghosh-Dastidar B, and Ellickson PE

  • The Quality of Obstructive Lung Disease Care for Adults in the United States: Adherence to Recommended Processes 2006

    Mularski RA, Asch SM, Shrank WH, Kerr EA, Setodji C, Adams J, Keesey J, McGlynn EA

    Chest 2006;130:1844-1850

  • The Quality of Pharmacologic Care for Adults in the United States 2006

    Shrank WH, Asch SM, Adams J, Setodji C, Kerr EA, Keesey J, Malik S, McGlynn EA.

    Med Care 2006; Oct; 44(10):936-45

  • Quantitative Ecology and Ecometrics: An Inter-Disciplinary Experience 2006

    Ghosh B

    Environmental and Ecological Statistics

  • Racial Profiling Won't Stop Terror 2006

    Riley KJ and Ridgeway G

    Washington Post October 11, 2006

  • The Relative Effectiveness of 10 Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in the United States 2006

    Morral A, McCaffrey DF, Ridgeway G, Mukherji A, Beighley C

  • Results of the National Initiative for Cancer Care Quality: How Can We Improve the Quality of Cancer Care in the United States? 2006

    Malin JL, Schneider EC, Epstein AM, Adams J, Emanuel EJ, Kahn KL

    J Clin Oncol 2006;24(4): 626-63. [Epub Jan 9 2006]

  • Sampling with Field Burden Constraints: An Application to Sheltered Homeless and Low-Income Housed Women 2006

    Elliott MN, Golinelli D, Hambarsoomians K, Perlman JR, Wenzel SL

    Field Methods 18(1):43-58

  • Screening the Input Variables to a Computer Code Via Analysis of Variance and Visualization 2006

    Schonlau M., Welch WJ

    In Screening: Methods for Experimentation in Industry, Drug Discovery and Genetics. Eds: A. M. Dean and S. M. Lewis, Springer Verlag, New York; 2006:308-327

  • Socioeconomic Status and Medical Care Expenditures in Medicare Managed Care 2006

    Kapur K, Rogowski JA, Freedman VA, Wickstrom SL, Adams JL, Escarce JJ

    J Health Care Poor Underserved 17(4): 876-898

  • Socio-Environmental Influences on Adolescents' Alcohol Outcome Expectancies: A Prospective Analysis 2006

    Martino SC, Collins RL, Ellickson PL, Schell TL, McCaffrey, D.F

    Addiction 101(7): 971_983, 2006

  • Strengthening the Case for Disease Management Effectiveness: Un-Hiding the Hidden Bias 2006

    Linden A, Adams J, Roberts N

    J Eval Clin Pract 12(2): 140

  • System for Observing Play and Leisure Activity in Communities (SOPARC): Reliability and Feasibility Measures 2006

    McKenzie TL, Cohen D, Sehgal A, Golinelli D

    J Phys Act Health 3(Suppl 1):S208-S222

  • Testing for Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops from behind a Veil of Darkness 2006

    Grogger J and Ridgeway G

    Journal of the American Statistical Association 101(475): 878-887

  • Using Structured Classroom Vignettes to Measure Instructional Practices in Mathematics 2006

    Stecher B, Le V, Hamilton L, Ryan G, Robyn A, and Lockwood JR

    Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysi s 28(2): 101-130

  • Variations in Reconstruction after Radical Cystectomy 2006

    Gore JL, Saigal CS, Hanley JM, Schonlau M, Litwin, MS, and the Urologic Diseases in America Project.

    Cancer 107(4):729-37

  • What is the Concordance between the Medical Record and Patient Self-Report as Data Sources for Ambulatory Care? 2006

    Tisnado DM, Adams JL, Liu H, Damberg CL, Chen WP, Hu FA, Carlisle DM, Mangione CM, Kahn KL.

    Med Care Feb;44(2):132-140

  • Who is at Greatest Risk for Receiving Poor-Quality Health Care? 2006

    Asch SM, Kerr EA, Keesey J, Adams JL, Setodji CM, Malik S, McGlynn EA

    New England Journal of Medicine 354:1147-1156

  • Why Do Minority Men Earn Less? A Study of Wage Differentials among the Highly Educated 2006

    Black D, Haviland A, Sanders S, and Taylor L

    Review of Economics and Statistics 88(1): 300-313