Statistics Group Publications from 2007

2007 Publications

  • An adaptive sample allocation for a multiple objectives survey of businesses 2007

    Golinelli D, Ridgeway G, Adams J

    Proceedings of the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Research Conference

  • Are 'Webographic' or attitudinal questions useful for adjusting estimates from web surveys using propensity scoring? 2007

    Schonlau M, Van Soest A, Kapteyn A

    Survey Research Methods, 1(3):155-163

  • Bayesian Methods for Scalable Multivariate Value-Added Assessment 2007

    Lockwood JR, McCaffrey DF, Mariano LT, Setodji CM

    Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 32(2): 125-150.

  • Bayesian variable selection for longitudinal substance abuse treatment data subject to informative censoring 2007

    Paddock, SM

    Applied Statistics, 56, 293-311

  • Breaking Ground: Analysis of the Assessment System and Impact of Mexico's Teacher Incentive Program Carrera Magisterial 2007

    Santibanez L, Martinez J, Datar A, McEwan P, Setodji C, Basurto-Davila R

    TR-458-SEP, RAND Corporation

  • Can a Chronic Care Model Collaborative Reduce Heart Disease Risk in Patients with Diabetes?2007

    Vargas RB, Mangione CM, Asch S, Keesey J, Rosen M, Schonlau M, Keeler EB

    Journal of General Internal Medicine (to appear).

  • Combining propensity score matching and group-based trajectory analysis in an observational study 2007

    Haviland AM, Nagin D, Rosenbaum, P

    Psychological Methods, 12(3):247-267

  • Comment on "Demystifying double robustness: A comparison of alternative strategies for estimating a population mean from incomplete data, " by Kang and Schafer 2007

    Ridgeway G, McCaffrey DF

    Statistical Science, 22(4):540-543

  • Design and analysis of arm-in-cage experiments: Inference for three-state progressive disease models with common periodic observation times 2007

    Griffin BA, Lagakos S

    Biometrics, 64:337-344

  • Determining if disease management saves money: An introduction to meta-analysis 2007

    Linden A, Adams JL

    Journal Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 13(3):400-407

  • Early Adolescent Exposure to Alcohol Advertising and Its Relationship to Underage Drinking 2007

    Collins R, Ellickson P, McCaffrey DM, Hambarsoomians K

    Journal of Adolescent Health, 40(6): 527-534.

  • Examination of the Association between Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) Dispensation Policy and SEP Client-Level Syringe Coverage among Injection Drug Users 2007

    Addiction, 102(4): 638-646.

    Bluthenthal RN, Ridgeway G, Schell T, Anderson R, Flynn NM, and Kral AH

  • How Important is Exact Balance in Treatment and Control Sample Sizes in Evaluations? 2007

    Elliott M N, McCaffrey D F, Lockwood JR

    Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 33(1): 107-110.

  • Identifying malpractice-prone physicians 2007

    Rolph JE, Adams JL, McGuigan KA

    Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 4(1):125-153

  • The Impact of Gang Formation on Local Patterns and Levels of Crime 2007

    Tita G and Ridgeway G

    Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency (to appear).

  • Interpreting Treatment Effects when Cases are Institutionalized after Treatment 2007

    McCaffrey DF, Morral AR, Ridgeway G, Griffin BA

    Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 89, 126-138.

  • Neighborhood Design and Walking Trips in 10 U.S. Metropolitan Areas 2007

    Boer R, Zheng Y, Overton A, Ridgeway G, Cohen D

    American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 32(4): 298-304.

  • Noncoverage and Nonresponse in an Internet Survey 2007

    Couper M, Kapteyn A, Schonlau M, Winter J

    Social Science Research, 36(1): 131-148.

  • Overestimating outcome rates: Statistical estimation when reliability is suboptimal 2007

    Hayward RA, Heisler M, Adams J, Dudley RA, Hofer TP

    Health Services Research, 42(4):1718-1738

  • Quality by any other name? A comparison of three profiling systems for assessing health care quality 2007

    Kerr EA, Hofer TP, Hayward RA, Adams JL, Hogan MM, McGlynn EQ, Asch SM

    Health Services Research. In Press [Epub April 27 2007]

  • Race, Neighborhood Context, and Perceptions of Injustice by the Police 2007

    MacDonald JM, Stokes RJ, Ridgeway G, and Riley KJ

    Urban Studies (to appear).

  • Reactions to Dating Violence among Latino Teenagers: An Investigation Utilizing the Articulated Thoughts in Simulated Situations Paradigm 2007

    Rayburn N, Shelley G, Jaycox L, Zander-Cotugno M, Marshall G, McCaffrey DF

    Journal of Adolescence (forthcoming).

  • Review of "All of Nonparametric Statistics" by Larry Wasserman 2007

    Ridgeway G

    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 102(477):389-389

  • School-Based Drug Prevention among At-Risk Adolescents: Effects of ALERT Plus 2007

    Longshore D, Ellickson P L, McCaffrey DF, St. Clair PA

    Health Education & Behavior (forthcoming).

  • The Sensitivity of Value-Added Teacher Effect Estimates to Different Mathematics Achievement Measures 2007

    Lockwood J R, McCaffrey D F, Hamilton L, Stecher B, Le V, Martinez F

    Journal of Educational Management 44(1), 45-65.

  • Trajectories of Physical Aggression 2007

    Martino S, Ellickson P, Klein D, McCaffrey D F, Edelen MO

    Aggressive Behavior (forthcoming).

  • Unpacking the Relationship between Adolescent Employment and Antisocial Behavior: A Matched Samples Comparison 2007

    Apel R, Brame R, Bushway S, Haviland Set al.

    Criminology, 45(1): 67-97.

  • Use of a web-based convenience sample to supplement and improve the accuracy of a probability sample 2007

    Elliott MN, Haviland AM

    Survey Methodology. 33(2):211-215