Statistics Group Publications from 2008

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2008 Publications

  • Combining group-based trajectory modeling and propensity score matching for causal inferences in nonexperimental longitudinal data 2008

    Haviland AM, Nagin D, Rosenbaum P, Tremblay R

    Developmental Psychology, 44(2):422-436

  • Comparing quantitative trait loci and gene expression data for sequenced organisms forthcoming

    Han B, Altman NS, Mong JA, Klein LC, Pfaff DW and Vandenbergh DJ

    Advances in Bioinformatics

  • Creating a developmentally sensitive measure of adolescent alcohol misuse: An application of item response theory forthcoming

    Orlando M, McCaffrey D, Tucker JS, Klein DJ, Ellickson PL

    Substance Abuse and Misuse

  • The effects of survey mode, patient-mix, and nonresponse on CAHPS hospital survey scores forthcoming

    Elliott MN, Zaslavsky AM, Goldstein E, Lehrman W, Hambarsoomians K, Beckett MK, Giordano LA

    Health Services Research

  • Evaluation of principal stratification with an application to modelling treatment outcomes for adolescents in substance abuse treatment programs forthcoming

    Griffin BA, McCaffrey DF, Morral AR

    Annals of Applied Statistics

  • Gender wage disparities among the highly educated 2008

    Black D, Haviland AM, Sanders S, Taylor L

    Journal of Human Resources, 43(2):630-659.

  • How do proxy responses and proxy-assisted responses differ from what Medicare beneficiaries might have reported about their health care? 2008

    Elliott MN, Beckett MK, Chong K, Hambarsoomians K, Hays RD

    Health Services Research, 43(3):833-848

  • Model free multivariate reduced-rank regression with categorical predictors forthcoming

    Setodji MC, Li L

    Statistica Sinica

  • Multilevel spatiotemporal dual change point models for relating alcohol outlet destruction and changes in neighborhood rates of assaultive violence 2008

    Yu Q, Scribner R, Carlin B, Theall K, Simonsen N, Ghosh Dastidar B, Cohen D, Mason K

    Geospatial Health, 2(2):161-172

  • A new method for estimating race/ethnicity and associated disparities where administrative records lack self-reported race/ethnicity forthcoming

    Elliott MN, Fremont A, Morrison PA, Pantoja P, Lurie N

    Health Services Research

  • Optimal stopping with exact confidence on remaining defects forthcoming

    Dalal SR, Mallows CM


  • Power of tests for a dichotomous independent variable measured with error 2008

    McCaffrey D, Elliott MN

    Health Services Research. 43(3):1085-1101.

  • Ranking USRDS provider specific SMRs from 1998-2001 forthcoming

    Lin R, Louis TA, Paddock SM, Ridgeway G

    Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology

  • Sample designs for measuring the health of small racial ethnic subgroups 2008

    Elliott MN, Finch BK, Klein DJ, Ma S, Do P, Beckett MK, Orr N, Lurie N

    Statistics in Medicine, 27(20):4016-4029

  • Selection bias in web surveys and the use of propensity scores forthcoming

    Schonlau M, Van Soest A, Kapteyn A, Couper M

    Sociological Methods and Research.

  • Subjective prior distributions for modeling longitudinal continuous outcomes with non-ignorable dropout forthcoming

    Paddock SM, Ebener P

    Statistics in Medicine

  • Use of expert ratings as sampling strata fora more cost-effective probability sample of a rare population forthcoming

    Elliott MN, McCaffrey D, Perlman J, Marshall GN, Hambarsoomians K

    Public Opinion Quarterly