Statistics Group Publications from 2009

2009 Publications

  • Adjusting for Subgroup Differences in Extreme Response Tendency when Rating Health Care: Impact on Disparity Estimates — 2009

    Elliott MN, Haviland A, Kanouse DE, Hambarsoomians K, Hays RD.

    Health Services Research, 44(2p1):542-561

  • The Air Force Medical Corps' Status and How Its Physicians Respond to Multiyear Special Pay — 2009

    Keating E, Brauner M, Galway LA, Burks Colonel J, Saloner B, Mele J.

    Military Medicine, 174(11), 1155-1162

  • Availability of Data for Measuring Physician Quality Performance — 2009

    Scholle SH, Roski J, Dunn DL, Adams JL, Dugan DP, Pawlson LG, Kerr EA.

    Am J Manag Care, 15(1):67-72

  • Composite Estimates from Incomplete and Complete Frames for Minimum-MSE Estimation in a Rare Population: An Application to Families with Young Children — 2009

    Ghosh-Dastidar B, Elliott MN, Haviland AM, & Karoly LA.

    Public Opinion Quarterly, 73(4), 761-784

  • A Developmental Approach for Measuring the Severity of Crimes — 2009

    Ramchand R, MacDonald J, Haviland A, Morral, A.

    Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 25, 129-153

  • Doubly Robust Internal Benchmarking and False Discovery Rates for Detecting Racial Bias in Police Stops — 2009

    Ridgeway G, MacDonald JM.

    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104(486):661–668

  • Early detection of influenza outbreaks using the DC Department of Health's syndromic surveillance system — 2009

    Griffin BA, Jain AK, Davies-Cole J, Glymph C, Lum G, Washington SC, & Stoto MA.

    BMC Public Health, 9, 483-483

  • Effects of Survey Mode, Patient Mix, and Nonresponse on CAHPS Hospital Survey Scores — 2009

    Elliott MN, Zaslavsky AM, Goldstein E, Lehrman W, Hambarsoomians K, Beckett MK, Giordano L.

    Health Services Research, 44(2p1):501-508

  • Exploring Student-Teacher Interactions in Longitudinal Achievement Data — 2009

    Lockwood JR, McCaffrey DF.

    Education Finance and Policy, 4(4), 439-467

  • Improving Disparity Estimates for Rare Racial/Ethnic Groups with Trend Estimation and Kalman Filtering: An Application to the National Health Interview Survey — 2009

    Elliott MN, McCaffrey DF, Finch BK, Klein DJ, Orr N, Beckett MK, & Lurie N.

    Health Services Research, 44(5p1), 1622-1639

  • Incorporating Mortality Risk into Estimates of 5-Year Glaucoma Risk — 2009

    Griffin BA, Elliott MN, Coleman AL, & Cheng EM.

    American Journal of Ophthalmology, 148(6), 925-931.e927

  • The Intertemporal Variability of Teacher Effect Estimates — 2009

    McCaffrey DF, Sass TR, Lockwood JR, & Mihaly K.

    Education Finance and Policy, 4(4), 572-606

  • A minimum discrepancy approach to multivariate dimension reduction via k-means inverse regression — 2009

    Wen XM, Setodji MC, & Adekpedjou A.

    Statistics and Its Interface, 4(2), 503-511

  • Model free multivariate reduced-rank regression with categorical predictors — 2009

    Setodji MC, Li L.

    Statistica Sinica, 19:1119-1136

  • Modeling semicontinuous IT patent values by a mixture of Bayesian two-part models — 2009

    Han B, Huang W.

    International Journal of Statistics and Management System, 4:165-187

  • Ranking USRDS provider specific SMRs from 1998-2001 — 2009

    Lin R, Louis TA, Paddock SM, Ridgeway G.

    Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 9:22-38

  • Reliability of patient responses in pay for performance schemes: Analysis of national General Practitioner Patient Survey data in England — 2009

    Roland M, Elliott MN, Lyratzopoulos G, Barbiere J, Parker RA, Smith P, Bower P, et al.

    British Medical Journal, 339(7727), b3851

  • Selection bias in Web surveys and the use of propensity scores — 2009

    Schonlau M, Van Soest A, Kapteyn A, Couper M.

    Sociological Methods and Research, 37(3):291-318

  • Subjective prior distributions for modeling longitudinal continuous outcomes with non-ignorable dropout — 2009

    Paddock SM, Ebener P.

    Statistics in Medicine, 28:659-678

  • Survey Response Style and Differential Use of CAHPS® Rating Scales by Hispanics — 2008

    Weech-Maldonado RW, Elliott MN, Oluwole T, Schiller C, Hays RD.

    Medical Care, 46(9):963-968

  • Use of Expert Ratings as Sampling Strata for a More Cost-Effective Probability Sample of a Rare Population — 2009

    Elliott MN, McCaffrey DF, Perlman J, Marshall GN, Hambarsoomians K.

    Public Opinion Quarterly, 73(1):56-73

  • Using the Census Bureau's Surname List to Improve Estimates of Race/Ethnicity and Associated Disparities — 2009

    Elliott MN, Morrison PA, Fremont A, McCaffrey DF, Pantoja P, Lurie N.

    Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 9(2):69-83