Statistics Group Publications from 2010

2010 Publications

  • Arsenic exposure in U.S. public and domestic drinking water supplies: A comparative risk assessment.2010

    Kumar A, Adak P, Gurian PL and Lockwood JR.

    Journal of Exposure Assessment, 20(3):245-254

  • Behavioral Impact of Graduated Driver Licensing on Teenage Driving Risk and Exposure2010

    Karaca-Mandic P, Ridgeway G

    Journal of Health Economics 29:48-61

  • Centering and Reference Groups for Estimates of Fixed Effects: Modifications to felsdvreg 2010

    Mihaly K, McCaffrey DF, Lockwood JR, & Sass TR.

    Stata Journal, 10(1), 82-103

  • Detection of radioactive material entering national ports: a Bayesian approach to radiation portal data2010

    Dalal S, Han B.

    Annals of Applied Statistics, 4(3), 1256-1271

  • Do Hospitals Rank Differently on HCAHPS for Different Patient Subgroups? 2010

    Elliott MN, Lehrman WG, Goldstein E, Hambarsoomian K, Beckett MK, & Giordano LA.

    Medical Care Research and Review, 67(1), 56-73

  • The effects of business improvement districts on the incidence of violent crimes2010

    MacDonald J, Golinelli D, Stokes RJ, Bluthenthal R.

    Injury Prevention, 16(5): 327-32

  • Estimating conditional proportion curves by regression residuals 2010

    Han B, & Lim N.

    Statistics in Medicine, 29(13), 1443-1454

  • Evaluating health management programmes over time: application of propensity score-based weighting to longitudinal data2010

    Linden A, Adams JL.

    J Eval Clin Pract, 16:180-185

  • Incorporating statistical uncertainty in the use of physician cost profiles2010

    Adams JL, McGlynn EA, Thomas JW, Mehrotra A.

    BMC Health Serv Res, 10(1):57. Epub 2010 Mar 5

  • Linking reading coaches and student achievement: Evidence from Florida middle schools2010

    Lockwood JR, McCombs JS, Marsh J.

    Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 32(3): 372-388

  • “Methods for Assessing Racially Biased Policing” in Race, Ethnicity and Policing: New and Essential Readings 2010

    Ridgeway G, MacDonald JM.

    S.K. Rice and M.D. White, eds., New York University Press

  • Missing Data in Value-Added Modeling of Teacher Effects2010

    McCaffrey DF, & Lockwood, JR (in press)

    Annals of Applied Statistics

  • A Model for Teacher Effects from Longitudinal Data without Assuming Vertical Scaling 2010

    Mariano LT, McCaffrey DF, & Lockwood JR.

    Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 35(3), 253-279

  • Nonparametric inference and uniqueness for periodically observed progressive disease models 2010

    Griffin BA, & Lagakos SW.

    Lifetime Data Analysis, 16(2), 157-175

  • The Pennsylvania Certified Safety Committee Program: An Evaluation of Participation and Effects on Work Injury Rates2010

    Mendeloff J, Schaefer A, Ruder T, Nelson C, Haviland, A, Gray W, Burns R.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 53(8), 780-791

  • Physician Cost Profiling Reliability and Risk of Misclassification 2010

    Adams JA, Mehrotra A, Thomas JW, McGlynn EA

    New England Journal of Medicine, 362, 1014-1021

  • Sampling to reduce respondent burden in personal network studies and its effect on estimates of structural measures 2010

    Golinelli D, Ryan G, Green HD, Kennedy DP, Tucker JS, Wenzel SL.

    Field Methods, 22(3), 217-230

  • Using propensity score-based weighting in the evaluation of health management programme effectiveness2010

    Linden A, Adams JL.

    J Eval Clin Pract,16:175-179