RAND Statistics Publications from 2013

2013 Publications

  • Bayesian Non-Parametric Hierarchical Modeling for Multiple Membership Data in Grouped Attendance Interventions2013

    Savitsky TD, Paddock SM

    Annals of Applied Statistics Volume 7, Number 2 (2013), 1074-1094

  • Propensity scores for multiple treatments: A tutorial for the mnps function in the twang package2013

    Burgette, L, Griffin, BA, McCaffrey DF

    R package (link)

  • Improving scenario discovery using orthogonal rotations2013

    Dalal, S., Han, B., Lempert, R., Jaycocks, A., Hackbarth A

    Environmental Modelling & Software 48, 49-64

  • Conditional Akaike information criterion in Fay-Herriot model2013

    Han, B.

    Statistical Methodology 11, 53-67

  • Inverse probability weighting with error-prone covariates2013

    McCaffrey D.F., Lockwood J.R. and Setodji C.M.

    Biometrika Advance online publication. doi: 10.1093/biomet/ast

  • A Tutorial on Propensity Score Estimation for Multiple Treatments Using Generalized Boosted Models2013

    McCaffrey, DF, Griffin, BA, Almirall, D, Slaughter, ME, Ramchand, R., Burgette, LF.

    Statistics in Medicine 32(19), 3388-3414 (link)

  • Using Indirect Estimates Based on Name and Census Tract to Improve the Efficiency of Sampling Matched Ethnic Couples from Marriage License Data2013

    Elliott MN, Becker K, Beckett MK, Hambarsoomian K, Pantoja P, Karney B

    Public Opinion Quarterly doi:10.1093/poq/nft007

  • Multiple-shrinkage multinomial probit models with applications to simulating geographies in public use data2013

    Burgette, LF, Reiter, JP

    Bayesian Analysis 8(2): 453–478 (link)

  • A Randomized Experiment Investigating the Suitability of Speech-Enabled IVR and Web Modes for Publicly Reported Surveys of Patient’ Experience of Hospital Care2013

    Elliott MN, Brown J, Lehrman WG, Beckett MK , Hambarsoomian K, Giordano L, Goldstein E

    Medical Care Research and Review 70(2):165-184

  • Reporting CAHPS and HEDIS Data by Race/Ethnicity for Medicare Beneficiaries2013

    Martino S, Weinick R, Kanouse DE, Brown J, Haviland AM, Goldstein E, Adams JL, Hambarsoomian K, Elliott MN

    Health Services Research 48(2):417-434

  • Bayesian Hierarchical Semiparametric Modelling of Longitudinal Post-treatment Outcomes from Open Enrolment Therapy Groups2013

    Paddock SM, Savitsky TD

    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, 176(3), 795-808. NIHMSID: 436949; PMCID: In progress

  • Discussion of ‘Bayesian Nonparametric Inference – Why and How,’ by P. Mueller and R. Mitra2013

    Paddock SM, Savitsky TD

    Bayesian Analysis 8(2), 323-356. NIHMSID and PMCID: In progress

In Press

  • Time-varying moderation using the structural nested mean model: estimation using inverse-weighted regression-with-residuals 2013

    Almirall, D, Griffin, BA, McCaffrey, D, Ramchand, R, Yuen, B, & Murphy, SA

    Statistics in Medicine

  • Landmark Estimation of Survival and Treatment Effect in a Randomized Clinical Trial 2013

    Parast L, Tian L, Cai T

    Journal of the American Statistical Association

  • Landmark Risk Prediction for Breast  Cancer  Survival 2013

    Parast L, Cai T

    Statistics  in Medicine

  • Evaluating Incremental Values from New Pre- dictors with Net Reclassification Improvement in Survival Analysis 2013

    Zheng Y, Parast L, Cai T, Brown M

    Lifetime Data Analysis

  • Does the Racial/Ethnic Composition of Medicare Advantage Plans Reflect their Areas of Operation? 2013

    Weinick R, Haviland AM, Hambarsoomian K, Elliott MN

    Health Services Research

  • Bayesian Hierarchical Multivariate Formulation with Factor Analysis for Nested Ordinal Data 2013

    Savitsky, T.D., McCaffrey, D.F.