RAND Statistics Publications from 2015

2015 Publications

  • Propensity score estimation with boosted regression2015

    Burgette, L., McCaffrey, D.F. and Griffin, B.A.

    In W. Pan and H. Bai (Eds.) Propensity score analysis: Fundamentals and developments. (49-73). 2015. New York: Guildford Publications, Inc.

  • Pay-for-Performance Schemes that Use Patient and Provider Categories Would Reduce Payment Disparities2015

    Damberg C, Elliott M.N., Ewing B.

    Health Affairs, 34(1): 134-142.

  • Confounding adjustment and exposure prediction in environmental epidemiology: Additional insights2015

    Dominici, F., & Cefalu, M.

    Epidemiology, 26(2), e28.

  • Imputing missing race/ethnicity in pediatric electronic health records: reducing bias with use of US census location and surname data2015

    Grundmeier, R. W., Song, L., Ramos, M. J., Fiks, A. G., Elliott, M. N., Fremont, A., Pace, W., Wasserman, R.C., Localio, R.

    Health Services Research, 50(4), 946-960.

  • A spatiotemporal quantile regression model for emergency department expenditures2015

    Neelon, B., Li, F., Burgette, L. F., & Benjamin Neelon, S. E.

    Statistics in Medicine, 34(17), 2559-2575.

  • Editorial: Spatial Accessibility of Pediatric Primary Healthcare2014

    Paddock S.M.

    Annals of Applied Statistics, 8(4), 1921

  • Better-than-average and worse-than-average hospitals may not significantly differ from average hospitals: an analysis of Medicare Hospital Compare ratings2015

    Paddock, S. M., Adams, J. L., & de la Guardia, F. H.

    BMJ Quality & Safety, 24(2), 128-134.

  • Do Experiences with Medicare Managed Care Vary According to the Proportion of Same-Race/Ethnicity/Language Individuals Enrolled in One's Contract?2015

    Price, R. A., Haviland, A. M., Hambarsoomian, K., Dembosky, J. W., Gaillot, S., Weech-Maldonado, R., . . . Elliott, M. N.

    Health Services Research, 50(5), 1649-1687.

  • Propensity Score Analysis with Survey Weighted Data2015

    Ridgeway, G., Kovalchik, S. A., Griffin, B. A., & Kabeto, M. U.

    Journal of Causal Inference, 3(2), 237-249.

  • The Utility of Nonparametric Transformations for Imputation of Survey Data2014

    Robbins, M. W.

    Journal of Official Statistics, 30(4), 675-700.

  • Direct Payments, Cash Rents, Land Values, and the Effects of Imputation in US Farm-level Data2014

    Robbins, M. W., & White, T. K.

    Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 43(3), 451.

  • Evaluating Differential Item Functioning in the English General Practice Patient Survey2015

    Setodji, C. M., Elliott, M. N., Abel, G., Burt, J., Roland, M., & Campbell, J.

    Medical Care, 53(9), 809-817.

  • Do racial/ethnic disparities in quality and patient experience within Medicare plans generalize across measures and racial/ethnic groups?2014

    Weech-Maldonado, R., Elliott, M. N., Adams, J. L., Haviland, A. M., Klein, D. J., Hambarsoomian, K., . . . Gaillot, S.

    Health Services Research, 50(6), 1829-1849.

  • Does the racial/ethnic composition of Medicare Advantage plans reflect their areas of operation?2014

    Weinick, R., Haviland, A., Hambarsoomian, K., & Elliott, M. N.

    Health Services Research, 49(2), 526-545.

In Press

  • Validation of a New Counter for Direct Observation of Physical Activity in Parks2016

    Han, B., Cohen, D. A., Derose, K. P., Marsh, T., Williamson, S., & Raaen, L.

    Journal of Physical Activity & Health

  • Validation of a brief PTSD screener for underserved patients in federally qualified health centers2016

    Han, B., Wong, E. C., Mao, Z., Meredith, L. S., Cassells, A., & Tobin, J. N.

    General Hospital Psychiatry

  • Learning about missing data mechanisms in electronic health records-based research: a survey-based approach2016

    Haneuse, S., Bogart, A., Jazic, I., Westbrook, E. O., Boudreau, D., Theis, M. K., Simon, G., E., Arterburn, D.


  • Bayesian restricted spatial regression for examining session features and patient outcomes in open-enrollment group therapy studies2016

    Paddock, S. M., Leininger, T. J., & Hunter, S. B.

    Statistics in Medicine

  • Cross-Correlation Matrices for Tests of Independence and Causality Between Two Multivariate Time Series2016

    Robbins, M. W., & Fisher, T. J.

    Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

  • A General Regression Changepoint Test for Time Series Data2016

    Robbins, M. W., Gallagher, C. M., & Lund, R. B.

    Journal of the American Statistical Association